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Go: Let Filipinos be judge of drug war



Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go reacted on Thursday to the statements of former President Benigno Aquino III, who asked why President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Vice President Leni Robredo as drug czar if he does not trust her.

Go defended the President, saying that Robredo was appointed so she can have the opportunity for resolving the drug problem herself after she referred to the drug war as “a failure.”

The senator responded to Aquino’s criticisms, saying that he had his chance to curb the drug problem during his time in office, stressing that Filipinos should be the judge if the government’s efforts to fight drugs is a success or not

Go also emphasized that the priority of the Duterte Administration is to go after criminals in order to protect the innocent from the harm caused by illegal drugs and noted that the government is committed to prioritize the lives of innocent citizens victimized by drug criminals.

Asked on what advice he would give Robredo as the country’s drug czar, Go said she must put the lives of the innocent first and protect them from being victimized by drug-related crimes.