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Yorme still enraged with vandals

Pat C. Santos



Hands on Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso shows the difficulty of scrubbing off graffiti from a wall using paint thinner and elbow grease. Bob Dungo Jr. @tribunephl_bob

A week after an incident of vandalism at the Lagusnilad underpass divided netizens, Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso continued to be incensed by the act as he devoted his Monday morning talk to the matter.

Using some paint thinner and a piece of rag, the mayor proceeded to rub a spray-painted post at the Bonifacio Shrine to prove how much of a nuisance vandalism is.

“They are just fooling you,” Domagoso said. “They are using you for their political goals. Wake up. There are many ways of expressing your disappointment in the government but vandalism is definitely not one of them.”

With his display, he wanted to prove that cleaning up after vandals is a waste of time, effort and funds, which could have been used on productive things.

“You can see how difficult this is to remove. Is this what you want from the government? You want us to be busy doing this rather than giving you housing, giving you jobs and giving you medicine?” he emphasized.

The mayor questioned the reasons of the group behind the act of vandalism.

Also, he questioned the claim of the group responsible for the vandalism that they are fighting for the poor.

He noted that he has no choice but to paint over the graffiti to remove it from government properties. He said this would entail on the part of the government unnecessary expenses.

When asked if he is open to the idea of a dialogue as broached by the group behind the vandalism, Moreno said, “What for?”

He added that he would rather use his time attending to his functions as mayor which would be of benefit to Manileños.