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Owndays PHL shares gift of vision



Owndays is bringing its Eye Camp to more communities with the aim of making a huge difference in their lives.

Owndays, the leading eyewear store in Japan, conducted its fourth Eye Camp in the Philippines in collaboration with Lions Club International and gave out free prescription glasses to nearly 200 residents of Tondo, Manila.

The brand manufactures a wide variety of high quality frames in more than 1,500 styles suited for any lifestyle — from basic and functional to stylish and fashionable — all in one price.

“At Owndays Philippines, we want to improve vision of all Filipinos. Through this Eye Camp, we are not just distributing prescription glasses, but we are also helping them see their future brighter and clearer,” said Owndays managing director Vohne Yao.

During the Eye Camp, volunteer doctors conducted eye checks and eye health evaluations to check for possible eye conditions and Owndays made the glasses using the prescriptions obtained during the check-up, which the staff distributed and adjusted to ensure that the glasses would fit well.

Aside from the eye check-ups and eyewear distribution, Owndays also brought school supplies, bags, shoes, toys and snacks that kids would enjoy.

“We wanted to do something for the children to brighten up their lives and empower them by providing them with the tools they needed to be better at school and their communities,” Yao said.

In the Philippines, millions of Filipinos who have poor eyesight are unable to get help for eyesight-related issues simply because they have no access to eye exam facilities or there is lack of economic power to pay for it. Disability from poor vision has considerable economic implications, which can lead to poverty and social dependency.

Due to this, Owndays started to give out eyeglasses to the less fortunate for free in the hope of bringing to them a clearer and more beautifu.

In line with their philosophy of “enriching the lives of people associated with Owndays,” the company is bringing Eye Camp to more communities with the aim of making a difference in their lives.

“We wanted to reach out to more Filipino communities, especially the rural areas, to be able to give them glasses and a chance for better lives. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to helping the less fortunate and to share the vision with the world through Owndays Eye Camp,” Yao said.