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MTL discovers ‘Amazing Coffee’



Music Travel Love (MTL) — composed of members of the Canadian 90s band The Moffatts’ twins Bob and Clint Moffatt — takes center stage along with one of the best coffees in the country today.

Bob and Clint Moffatt are back in Manila and along the way, the duo mingled with different people and tried different things during their travels, and as far as trying different things is concerned, they found something amazing in the Philippines.

The brothers now have their own kind of favorite coffee — the Amazing Coffee products of IAM Worldwide Corp., the fastest-growing network marketing company in Asia and now with select branches abroad.

Clint discovered the Amazing Café Latte with Barley fits him, saying that he likes “the taste, besides of being the best-selling, it is Amazing Organic Pure Barley powder, Stevia, and Alkaline powder with the finest Arabica coffee beans to give you one of the healthiest coffee drink in the market today.”

Bob, on the other hand, is still mesmerized with his first sip of Amazing Café Mocha saying, “If you are acidic, your body cannot effectively absorb nutrients. Your cells produce lesser energy and have decreased ability to repair themselves. Tumor cells thrive and you become easily fatigued and susceptible to illness.”

IAM Worldwide Corp., founders Aika Lorraine Uy and Allen Marvin Eder, meantime, expressed their elation over MTL’s astonishing description for the company’s Amazing Coffee.

“We are so happy that Bob and Clint Moffatt find it very interesting to be one our latest ambassadors. They will be a big help for us to help as many people as we can in the world,” Eder said.

IAM Worldwide Corp. is now the fastest-growing network marketing company that has the best health products — getting the nod of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to become its one of the current endorsers along with famous celebrities like Heart Evangelista, Liza Soberano, Jessy Mendiola, Kristine Hermosa, Piolo Pascual and Maritoni Fernandez.