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Maggie Wilson stars TGIW



With more than 7,000 islands that exudes beauty and the grandeur of nature, CNN Philippines gives the public a chance for the public to see the wonders of the country’s beautiful islands with its newest travel show, Thank God It’s the Weekend (TGIW).

Hosted by entrepreneur and leading social media celebrity Maggie Wilson, the travel show — which will air on CNN Philippines every Saturday at 9:30 p.m. – will feature top and emerging local destinations that will surely make weekends more fun and exciting.

The former beauty queen and fitness enthusiast — who is also known for her gorgeous travel photos that inspire serious wanderlust — will take us deeper into each trip and shares the stories behind the social media snaps.

“As they say, a picture tells a thousand words and we want to do exactly just that on the show — share the story behind that beautiful photo on Instagram or Facebook from your weekend getaway.

Traveling is all about the experience — the conversations with people we meet, the history of a place, the different flavors we taste, and that’s not always captured in a single post,” Wilson said.