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Leading essential oil company sets roots in Phl



A celebration of the global expansion of the brand here in the Philippines.

With the rise of health risks and diseases in this day and age, health and wellness should be prioritized. Fortunately, science and technology (and a good amount of fear and paranoia) have made it more accessible for the human population to be able to adapt to and embody this way of living.

Other than the traditional intake of capsules and tablets or injections at hospitals, it has also come to people’s attention that different forms of health-enhancing methods like acupuncture or products like essential oils can do wonders for the health.

One example is from a company called doTERRA®, an integrative health and wellness company that produces essential oils and essential oil products. With over eight million doTERRA® Wellness Advocates and customers, the brand is considered the leader in the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils market.

Last 8 November, a new beginning dawned for doTERRA® as it celebrated the global expansion of the brand here in the Philippines.

doTERRA® vice president of Asia Pacific markets Johnathan Kunz.


INTRODUCTORY scents that can be used for a humidifier.


guests try out different essential oils before the event starts.

Talks and a grand celebration at Okada Manila were held to mark this milestone.

According to doTERRA® vice president of Asia Pacific markets Johnathan Kunz, opening an office and building a support team in the Philippines is a small yet significant way to support Filipino Wellness Advocates and customers and demonstrate their commitment to building a successful business in the region.

“Serving the thousands of loyal doTERRA® customers just got easier, and we appreciate everyone that has had a hand in making this office possible,” he said.

Meanwhile, founding executive Greg Cook stated, “This is a great day for dōTERRA and the growing number of doTERRA® Wellness Advocates and customers whose demand for our products were critical in our expansion into the Philippines. We are excited about the potential of our Southeast Asia business and the opportunity to share our pure essential oils with more consumers and increase awareness of our sustainable sourcing with another global community. Our presence in the Philippines further solidifies our position as the largest essential oil company in the world.”
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