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Celebrate the gift of family on an island




For families, the holiday season presents an ideal opportunity to celebrate ties that bind over the Christmas break — that wonderful time of the year when school shuts down and parents can finally have their kids all to themselves. And while toys and gadgets could easily top any youngster’s wish list, there’s still no better gift than spending precious time with loved ones.

This year, parents can give their children the “gift of a lifetime” by bringing them to the world’s number one island, and spending quality time with them in a safe, secure and fun location. The Auhana Boracay along Station 3 provides all these and more.

A leisurely escape where families can enjoy recreational activities at  a  comfortable  distance  from  the  island’s  usual  crowds, Auhana  is  a  seven-hectare luxury resort with a plethora of dipping pools, modern amenities, dining areas,  and,  more  impressively,  a  330-meter  long  stretch  of  white  beach  —  the widest beachfront in all of Boracay.

PRIVATE lap pool facing the beach.

Inspired by  the  Polynesian  word  for  family,  Auhana  is  a  place  where parents and their children can bond with each other over a number of fun and enjoyable  activities.  And there’s  no  better  time  to  do  that  than  during  the Christmas  break.  What’s  more,  such  priceless  moments  won’t  have  to  cost  an arm and a leg, thanks to Auhana’s introductory rates.

Here, kids can enjoy themselves in any — or all — of the resort’s numerous pools. From the shell-shaped main pool that overlooks the sea, to the Tiki Hut Kids’ pool where they can hang out with other younger guests, all the way down to  some  private  lap  pools  facing  the  beach.

Meanwhile, mom and dad, can treat themselves to a relaxing time with The Auhana Signature Massage at The Auhana Spa. And because families love to bond over good food, Auhana also came up with  its  own  line-up  of  dining  options  spread  across  three  different restaurants.

BAR at the lobby lounge.



There’s  also  a  Bar  and  Lobby  lounge  where  families  can  bond  over snacks in the day, and where mom and dad can share a drink to celebrate each other’s company later in the evening.

Meanwhile,  the  beachfront  is  the  perfect  venue  for  guests  to  enjoy  the powdery  white  sand  and  crystal  clear  waters  of  the  island.  It  is  lined  up  with rooms, suites and villas for families to enjoy the view up close.

More importantly, parents can also add meaning to the Christmas break by sharing  a  prayer  or  two  with  their  kids  at  Auhana’s  Chapel  of  All  Blessed  — making  it  the  first  and  only  resort  in  Boracay  to  have  its  own  blessed  chapel within  its  vicinity.  The  51-square-meter  chapel  can  seat  80  guests,  and  is decorated  with  a  dazzling  stained  glass  altar,  as  well  as  glass  floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides.

Families can also choose to stay in one of more than 500 rooms spread across  14  categories  — including  the  Deluxe,  Premier  and  Premier  Panoramic, the  Junior  Suite,  a  Family  Suite  or  the  Presidential  Suite.

While Auhana  provides  a  comfortable  distance  from  the  commercial and  recreational  establishments  of  Station  2,  one  never  feels  isolated  when staying  in  the  resort.  For  one,  shuttle  services  are  provided  for  until  10  in  the evening. Guests can also reach Station 2 by foot, should they opt for a romantic, 15-minute stroll along the beach.