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Beauty, indeed, for all

As François Nars, the founder of the makeup company, would say: Makeup is about being true to yourself and enhancing your natural beauty. It helps you to face the world.



MOND Gutierrez and Liz Uy are the new faces of the iconic beauty brand.

For the first time, a makeup brand is boldly putting forward a campaign that centers on inclusivity and exclusivity at the same time.

NARS, the French beauty brand that remains a cult favorite among beauty lovers worldwide, recently unveiled two faces who are believed to put a face to a new age of beauty even as they embody the values that have made this brand a hit since the beginning.

“NARS has been around in the Philippines for quite some time. What’s new is that Shiseido is now an affiliate here in the Philippines. So what’s great about that is that we are more direct to consumers now. Under Shiseido Philippines (a joint venture in partnership with Luxasia Partners Pte. Ltd.), we have a whole slew of luxury brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Issey Miyake and Narciso Rodriguez,” explains NARS training manager Tamara Pineda to Daily Tribune.

“What’s new with NARS is that we are really making an effort to localize campaigns and make it relevant to the market, really the ante of the brand positioning as it should be. Aside from expanding our doors into other avenues and channels, one of which is our SM Megamall pop-up store, one very brave step that we did is to have not one, but two ambassadors who, we feel, really embody the brand that we really think will communicate to the market where NARS is and where we want to bring it. What’s great about these two ambassadors is that in their own right they are totally different, but also the same — a NARS DNA as well. It’s very much ‘fashion’ but at the same time it’s very much ‘lifestyle.’ For us we think that an embodiment of a beauty brand can be a fashion icon and a lifestyle icon. It’s also being about an accomplished person of the world, not necessarily by any rules whatsoever. These two people we chose are, in their own right, their own icons,” she added.

UY siblings (from left) Laureen, Liz and Vince.

First male brand ambassador

“What’s rule-breaking,” Tamara enthuses, “is that it’s the first male ambassador for NARS.”

NARS manifests its founder’s ideals by choosing lifestyle influencers Mond Gutierrez and Liz Uy to serve as the faces of #NARSStudio54.

For a premium makeup brand to feature a male ambassador, it is noted, is “a mark of true inclusivity in the form of an exclusive brand.”

The big reveal took place in a disco-style event that brought to life the iconic Studio 54. On spotlight were NARS’ limited-edition pieces that sparkled and shone with a light of inclusivity.

STUDIO 54 features lipsticks, eye and cheek palletes, mascara and makeup must-haves.

“As Shiseido Philippines takes the reign for this cult-favorite brand, NARS makes bold steps with the release of the Studio 54 collection. It features alluring lipsticks, sparkling eye and cheek palettes, daring mascara and captivating must-have accessories that promise a vibe that lends itself to anyone, regardless of gender,” says the brand in a statement.

“It’s not just your usual glitter holiday makeup, it’s Studio 54 — everyone wants to be part of it, but not everyone gets in,” Tamara emphasized.

According to NARS information, “Mond’s personal favorite in the collection is the Hustle Cheek Palette (P3,000); packed with a blush that exudes youth and vibrancy as well as a highlight powder that puts disco balls to shame.

“Meanwhile, Liz’s top pick is the Inferno Eyeshadow Palette (P3,500) that sets fire on the dance floor with twelve head-turning shades ranging from glittery nudes to fierce metallic shades.”