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Where to go for one-stop sports care



SPECIALIZED doctors from the ManilaMed’s Sports and Exercise Medicine Center.

In an attempt to start leading and maintaining a healthier life, it’s common for people to jump into active exercise and sports training without the prompting or warning of doctors beforehand.
While it is a desire of some athletes, fitness buffs and weekend warriors to be fit and capable, it can lead to serious injuries like sprain, groin pull, hamstring sprain and shin splints. Some common injuries seen in sporting events onscreen are an ACL tear and tennis elbow.

As it is important to know treatment and cure for these injuries, it is much better to prevent the onset of dire cases through sports medicine, not just for the active-loving individuals but also for athletes.

In a press briefing, Dr. Lucky Cuenza, Dr. Philip Aristotle Hermida and Dr. Betty Mancao of ManilaMed-Medical Center, three of the sports-specialized doctors, emphasized the importance of consulting a doctor before doing strenuous activities and the common sports injuries experienced due to lack of knowledge about the proper sports routine, maintenance and individual muscle strength.

“It is important for us to maximize the performance of each individual athlete, allowing them to reach their goals, while at the same time, ensuring safety by systematically evaluating for (a) potentially dangerous cardiac disease that might lead to sudden cardiac death,” shared Lucky Cuenza MD, one of the Sports Cardiologists in ManilaMed’s Sports and Exercise Medicine Center.

FOR competitive young athletes, congenital cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of sudden death.


IT is common for athetic individuals to experience having an ankle sprain.

To put more attention on the health of individuals who are struggling to be fit, recovering from their injuries or just want to know their health statuses before jumping into a sport, ManilaMed-Medical Center Manila implemented a one-stop-shop sports and exercise medicine center that focuses on the detection and treatment of sports-related injuries and concerns.

“Initially, we have a setup wherein patients come to us then we refer them to the appropriate wing to examine (their concerns) ‘May ACL tear ka, dun ka sa ortho.’ Ganun lang yung connection ,” Dr. Betty Dy-Mancao of Rehabilitation Medicine shared. “But we realized later on that if we see the patient beforehand in one center, where we can receive everything from assessment to management and operation, if necessary, it would be better.”

The ManilaMed-Medical Center Manila’s Sports and Exercise Medicine Center offers pre-participation screening, specialized orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, which are the most important aspects of the center’s programs.

Also with a team of experts working together to assess and help one’s sport-related concern, the new wellness center can give its patients the medical care and attention through accurate diagnosis, medically-sound advice, consultation, treatment and rehabilitation of their patients to be able to continue being active without compromising the health and wellness of their patients.

Other offers include Sports Orthopedics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Evaluation and Assessment of Sports Performance, Sports Acupuncture, Preparticipation Cardiovascular Screening and Sports Cardiology Consultations.

As a lot of sports-related accidents are reported in the media, a sports and exercise center has a crucial role not just on a professional level but at the grassroots level to help ease the causes of the accidents and optimize their patients’ athletic goals and dreams.

“Whether you are an elite athlete, recreational weekend warrior, exercising for the first time or recovering from heart disease or injury, we, at ManilaMed, want to address those concerns and make sure individuals exercise safely, get back in the game and feel better,” Cuenza said.