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Tranquil Tagaytay



an elegant chandelier in the high-ceilinged lobby is a conversation piece

There’s something about the Royale Parc Hotel that makes you think, if you checked in, that you never left home.

Homey is the best word to describe it, except that there’s more to this home than the hint of a relaxed, comfortable and laidback life that one would find in a typical family abode.

Royale Parc, we were told, is actually a renovated version of an old hotel. The result is a neat modern-day structure that looks more like a community of town houses with detached and attached homes, with a pool and jacuzzi in the middle. The interiors combine metal and wood to complement decorative accessories that appeal to people of all ages especially the young and the young-at-heart.

I noticed that the walls of hallways and rooms have posters of verses from the Christian bible. No, the effect is not that of a classroom in a sectarian school or a convent. Rather, it is that of any calm place where, if one chose to, one could actually meditate and think about life.

Pool and jacuzzi in the
middle courtyard.


from the balcony, one could watch the blue skies.


A no-nonsense twin deluxe bedroom.


COZY nook for private conversations.


Royale Parc Hotel lobby is ideal for receiving guests.

Food here is delicious because one eats in a franchise restaurant of the Manila-based Dekada, hence one can enjoy dishes with such names as “Ensaladas de Alianza,” referring to the first alliances of the Filipinos and Spaniards, a combination of salads, one being “Legazpi” which is tanigue and smoked liempo.

Chicken Binakol here is called “Melchora” while bulalo is “La Solidaridad.” For the piece de resistance, there’s Jose Rizal, which is sizzling bulalo steak. That’s expected, of course, because Tagaytay is beef country.

Each bedroom here is minimally decorated, but the furniture is classic and not too modern. I love the tile-less sink and floor in the toilet and bath, which gives the feel of being connected to one’s mother earth.

The foliage and the seating arrangements that surround the pool make for a good place for cozy conversations. The rich greenery complements the water in the pool, resulting in a pleasant combination. This part of the hotel becomes even more dramatic at night when mood lights are turned on. Music plays in the background. And because it’s already Christmas in the Philippines, one could feel nostalgic remembering loved ones far and near as one listens to an instrumental “You’re All I Want For Christmas.”

I could go back to Royale Parc anytime knowing I won’t spend a fortune to be able to enjoy Tagaytay. That the staff is friendly and warm is a plus point, although I would say it is the number one asset of this charming hotel with a familiar timeless atmosphere.

Photos by Jojo G. Silvestre