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She would have the chance to prove that the yellow method is better and De Lima can even dream to book a free pass out of jail if Robredo succeeds.




The usual detractors of Rody are latching on the supposed insincerity of the offer for Vice President Leni Robredo to take over the anti-narcotics campaign as they push a list of demands such as having it in writing and guaranteeing that it will be until 2022.

Hoping to milk a Cabinet position to propel Robredo’s woeful presidential bid, the political opponents wanted to project Rody as either running out of ideas or throwing in the towel on the war on drugs.

Indeed, Rody did say that Robredo may have a better method in mind, which is the reason for her constant attacks on the illegal drugs problem.

Now that the offer is on the table, the irrepressible loudmouth detained Sen. Leila de Lima said the position of “drug czar” was only meant to “shame Robredo and all his other critics of his failed drug war.”

She claimed that the offer was Rody’s way to find a scapegoat since the war was lost and that it would be Robredo who would be blamed for it when the final verdict on the campaign is given.

De Lima’s views were all distorted since the most recent survey on public perception of the war on drugs showed an 82 percent approval of the campaign, which by all measures can’t be an indication of failure.

De Lima in her delusion indicted Robredo instead as she noted that “Duterte and his mouthpiece know that the decorated drug czar post wouldn’t be effective in winning his drug war brand.”
Of course, Rody issued the dare to become a drug czar or czarina exclusively to Robredo until the end of his term.

The czarina, meaning Robredo, wouldn’t be effective is a correct assessment since De Lima knew and participated in the syndicate which created the illegal drugs crisis during the term of former President Noynoy Aquino.

The senseless raving of De Lima continued as she asked that if Rody believed that a drug czar is needed, “Why didn’t he create such a post on his first days as President? Why create one now for VP Robredo, after three years of tokhang and EJK (extrajudicial killings)?”

Rody’s offer was to give Robredo blanket authority for half of his term on his flagship program, which is like calling off a goalkeeper on a penalty shot during a soccer match.

Yet, Robredo said Rody is bluffing while the only requirement from her is to step up, take the offer and show her leadership mettle.

The war on drugs, in reality, is almost won but some in the intelligence community believe that drug syndicates and the yellow critics of Rody are banding to push a situation to incite a perception that the shabu trade can’t be stopped that will, in effect, reflect on the campaign as a failure.

Filipinos know better, as shown in the surveys, as they indicate that in most communities, drug trafficking and consequently the crime level have greatly diminished since Rody became president.

Robredo would be stepping on board the most popular program of the President and to which she can apply her so-called health-based approach in solving the narcotics menace.

The Vice President is a subscriber of the Western formula to treat drug addiction as a health problem instead of a crime.

She would have the chance to prove that the yellow method is better and De Lima can even dream to book a free pass out of jail if Robredo succeeds in the three years given her that consequently would bolster her presidential bid.

She has the golden opportunity to win over to her side the 82 percent supporting Rody’s method in the campaign.

All Robredo has to do is say yes, but instead she went to the United States for a “family reunion.”

Lady, you ain’t got game.

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