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The future of respiratory care

New ventilation platform provides consistent, connected therapy between environments as conditions change



PHILIPS Trilogy Evo, a portable life support ventilator.

Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, has announced the launch of Trilogy Evo, the only portable life support ventilator designed to provide consistent therapy and monitoring as care environments or conditions change.

Trilogy Evo helps physicians, clinicians and care providers to effectively collaborate and coordinate care by storing patient prescription information in a secure location via the device’s onboard memory.

As an integrated platform, Trilogy Evo connects with Care Orchestrator and Care Orchestrator Essence, enabling care teams to download data wirelessly or through a USB, set proactive notifications of changing conditions, and prioritize at-risk patients to help make fast, confident care decisions during a transition of care.

Post-acute care environment transitions and the resulting interruptions in care are often fleeting in time, but their impact can be lasting. Poor transitions lead to unnecessary stress and burden on patients, staff and caregivers, and can even lead to readmissions. Trilogy Evo was designed to meet the transitional needs of hospital, home and mobile care. Built on the trusted Trilogy platform, it also includes AVAPS-AE, a feature that automatically adapts to patients’ changing needs. In fact, 68 percent of surveyed healthcare organizations reported reduced hospital readmissions as a benefit of using Trilogy with AVAPS-AE.

“Clinicians and equipment providers alike are constantly searching for ways to balance clinical outcomes with productivity and cost reduction,” said Rodel Francisco, Sleep and Respiratory Care country manager, Philips Philippines.

“We designed Trilogy Evo to smoothly transition patients, devices, and data between environments, conditions, or care providers and ultimately enhance the continuity of efficient and effective care,” he added.