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Bubbles, bath and beyond




Soaps aren’t just for washing or cleaning anymore. It has now evolved into an experience with the scent, bubbles, the feeling when it glides on your skin and the after effects all being noted and enjoyed.

For some of us, there’s the thought of how or where those soap ingredients we just used will end up or affect the earth, how it was produced in the first place or if animals suffered so you could safely use it.

Of course, the event hosted by UK brand Lush recently at the Shangri-La Plaza was primarily to launch its digital flagship store called But this writer would still prefer to experience or see the newly-renovated physical store, touch the numerous products and imbibe the scents and the atmosphere.

There’s a reason for that. The soap you buy for the first time online might not be the right product or the perfect scent for you. At the physical store, Lush sales personnel suggest products based on individual tastes and preferences.

“In the Philippines, citrus is more popular to the customers. However, we talk to customers and know their concerns. We do not just recommend products based on what is the best-seller or what is the favorite. We address your needs and give the correct product,” says Ida Nones, merchandising manager for Lush and Store Specialists Inc.

Hair care products sans the bottles.

“If we just recommend the best-seller yet you don’t really need it, then you would not like it nor return to the store,” she explains.

But what’s not to like in the store with all the soaps that were made just the right way?

“We use the best essential oils that the world can offer, our products are handmade and the ingredients are freshly-grown and we use natural ingredients in our products,” she explains. “For soap, we don’t use the normal soap flakes and we use grapeseed oil in some of them. We don’t use palm oil because there’s a great deforestation caused by palm in other countries so we try not to use palm oil anymore for our soaps.”

Using very little soap flakes and more oils make a difference, she says, as one can feel the difference on one’s skin.

And what’s music to the ears for this writer is that the products are animal-cruelty free and plant-based.

“All our products and ingredients were never tested on animals. We are a sustainable brand and believe in the welfare of the animals. For the environment, we encourage recycling and we use reclaimed wood in our furniture and we believe in human rights,” Nones enthuses.

If one cannot find time to visit the Lush physical stores, the digital platform is a satisfying alternative. The digital store that was launched last 27 September has outlined all the Lush products for online buyers.

The categories in the online store include: New for online exclusives, Bath for bath bombs, bubble bars and FUN (moldable bath products); Shower composed of bar soap, shower gels, shower jellies, shower bombs, body conditioners, body scrubs; Hair for shampoo, shampoo bars, conditioners, hair treatments, styling, and henna; Face for the various cleansers, moisturizers and toners; Body for body lotion, shaving creams, handcare, foot care, deodorants, dusting powders; Fragrances for perfume and body sprays; and Gifts for gift sets and knot wraps that can be delivered to friends or loved ones.

“We are happy to be launching the Lush online flagship store in the Philippines, as this makes the eco-friendly and high-quality Lush products more accessible to Filipinos who want to purchase their products, while enjoying the unique and convenient features of our web-based shop,” says SSI Group, Inc. President Anton Huang.

The website is also replete with online features like an Ingredient Finder that enumerates the natural components in one’s chosen Lush products and their effects on the skin. In the Lush Stories, there are blog posts on latest releases, stories behind the products, and latest campaigns on sustainability and welfare.
There’s the Social Media page that has posts from all over the world, My Wishlist which allows users to keep track of all favorite items and shopping activity while using a computer, phone, or tablet. Purchases can be delivered to preferred locations with a minimal shipping fee, whether paid through credit card or cash on delivery, and one can even keep track of orders through the site.
The initial exclusives offered by during its recent online launch were bath time essentials Calavera, Fruity Giant Bombshell and Pirates of the Carrageenan along with fragrance exclusives like the Love perfume and the popular Goddess perfume oil.
Lush stores are located at Alabang Town Center, Bonifacio High Street, Estancia in Capitol Commons, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Magnolia, Shangri-La Plaza, SM Mall of Asia, and TriNoma. Also visit,, and or follow @lushcosmeticsph and @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.

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