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Yellow bogeyman

“It took the tribunal three years to revise 20 percent of the ballots. It would take it hence another 12 years to conclude with the revision of 100 percent of the ballots.

Harry Roque



The yellow propaganda brigade is at it again. In a recent text blast, a yellow propagandist asked the public to help Vice President (VP) Leni Robredo, urging the people that “P150 million is circulating” to favor Bongbong Marcos in the ongoing protest case.

Talk of classic yellow misinformation.

To begin with, why would anyone spend even a single centavo to influence the votes of the Supreme Court justices in the ongoing electoral protest when the only issue is whether the tribunal will authorize the continuation of the revision of 80 percent of the ballots protested by Bongbong Marcos.

Under the rules of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), the protestant can choose pilot areas the ballots of which will be subject to revision. If after the revision of these precincts, the votes received by the candidates remain substantially the same, then the tribunal can order that the case be terminated. This means the protest will be dismissed.

Although the decision of the Supreme Court has been delayed, the reality is Bongbong Marcos, at this stage, cannot be declared as the country’s rightful vice president. The only relevance of this much anticipated decision is whether his protest will in fact be dismissed. In which case, VP Leni remains in office.

But no, in the absence of a genuine issue that they can throw at the President, the yellow propaganda machine is now saying that the President would want Bongbong to sit as VP, so that President Rodrigo Duterte could purportedly resign the presidency.

The President knows that he was elected for a full term of six years. While he has said that he would rather go back to Davao, the reality is that he knows he can’t unless he dies, becomes critically ill, removed from office by impeachment, or resigns. While resigning is an option, if the President really wants to do so, he will regardless of who will succeed him. The fact that he has not in fact resigned shows that he intends to finish his term, God willing.

But why are the yellow turds creating such noise lately? Well, as I’ve mentioned earlier, they have run out of issues. They may have succeeded in convincing their Western colonial masters to take their side on the drug war, but a clear 80 percent of the people support the President in this war anyway. They have also used his alleged health problems

— nay, many of them including an alleged man of God was even praying for his death! But God is good. The President is alive and, save for minor illnesses here and there, is fit to remain in office. Fortunately, the prayers for his ill health have not been working. It’s because it’s not the nature of our loving God to hear these kinds of evil prayers.

And while I did not vote for either VP Leni or Bongbong, a PET decision in favor of the latter appears improbable. Why? Because of time constraints. It took the tribunal three years to revise 20 percent of the ballots. It would take it hence another 12 years to conclude with the revision of 100 percent of the ballots.

The yellows should just be happy that VP Leni sits as VP. They should cease using the Marcoses as a bogeyman to foment confusion among our people. Because if they succeed, this may just prompt the court to rule in a manner which may not be to their liking.

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