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A multi-function oven that makes yogurt?




Slim Fry Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings.

The title is perhaps something straight out of the home TV shopping network, but given the versatility of the Samsung Smart Oven, one can actually say, “Wait…there’s more!”

“It’s also a yogurt maker. Imagine if you want to make your own blend at home, you can just mix all the fruits and you have a healthy yogurt,” says Stephanie Chua, head of product marketing of Samsung Digital Appliances, as she describes one of the Samsung Smart Oven’s six functions during the pop-up restaurant event recently at the Robinson’s Magnolia in Quezon City.

Yogurt-making is made possible by fermentation technology, which can also produce homemade cake, bread and pizza. The Samsung Smart Oven’s functions also include basic reheating, grilling, steaming, baking, roasting and frying.

“We wanted to do the pop-up restaurant to show the innovation that this smart oven can provide. With everyone busy and always rushing to do things, we can’t just reheat food but also grill, steam, bake, roast, and slim fry. We can create delicious home-cooked meals with just one device and serve to our families,” says Mon Medina, head of Samsung’s household appliances group.

In the Samsung pop-up restaurant, media guests partook of a wide variety of dishes that included roasted eggplant and pepper dip with pita bread; Baked spiced chicken breast with creamed spinach; Texas-style pulled pork sandwich; Slim-Fry honey-Sriracha chicken wings; beef kebabs with garlic cream sauce; charsiu barbecue pork; salmon teriyaki fillet; and dark chocolate brownies for dessert.

Dark Chocolate Brownies.


Baked Spice Chicken Breast with Creamed Spinach


BBQ Charsiu Pork


Baked Apple Cobbler.


Chef Clyden San Pedro’s cooking demo.

Chef Clyden San Pedro of Bake Draft Baking School and Dessert Draft Cafe did the live cooking demonstration to show how easy it is to use the Samsung Smart Oven by preparing steamed zesty garlic shrimp, ribeye steak and baked apple cobbler.

The Samsung Smart Oven’s HotBlast technology reduces cooking times and cooks evenly as powerful hot air is blown through multiple air-holes directly onto food to retain the crisp texture on the outside and the juiciness inside. The Cook with Ease presets also make it easier to use for individuals who aren’t kitchen experts.

The grill function allows for perfectly-grilled and browned meat without having to set up an entire grill at home. For healthier alternatives, one can use the Slim-Fry Technology to cook meals with less oil. The power steam function is a nourishing way to prepare fish, chicken breast, and vegetables.

Aspiring and expert bakers can design sweet confections through the Convection Mode. It can keep the oven’s temperature even and regulated so treats are always soft and moist.

“It will amaze everyone with the different functions it could do. It will surely change the way people see cooking innovation. We want everyone to be inspired and get excited to start cooking, whether for their families or for anyone looking to have a healthier lifestyle,” Chua adds.

The Samsung Smart Oven has two models: The 35-Liter Smart Oven priced at P29,995 and the 32-Liter Smart Oven at P15,995.

With a purchase of a Smart Oven, one can avail of the Do It All Cookbook that contains 35 easy-to-follow recipes specially made for the Samsung Smart Oven. This cookbook will be available starting November.

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