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Cruel cut

Agence France-Presse



It doesn’t take a beauty parlor or barber shop to have a haircut in Bangladesh. Not in the household of Bablu Mondal in the northwestern district of Joypurhat.

It only took the 35-year-old Mondal to see a strand of human hair on his breakfast meal to act like a barber possessed and shave his 23-year-old wife’s head by force.

The unfortunate wife was blamed for the strand of hair on the rice and milk she prepared for him.

Such incident is not shocking in conservative Bangladesh where repression of women is common despite laws to protect them from abuse and sexual assault.

However, it led to Mondal’s arrest, local police said on Tuesday.

Bablu was charged with “voluntarily causing grievous hurt” and for “outraging the modesty,” according to local police chief Shahriar Khan.

If convicted, Mondal could serve a maximum 14-year sentence, said Khan.

Prison is a fair enough place for Mondal to repent as inmates who badly need a haircut will welcome his shaving talent.

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