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Achieving beauty with science

She explains that normal skin renewal is a 28-day cycle but can be affected by pollution, aging, and UV rays that slows down the process.




When it comes to making oneself beautiful, one can never run out of ways to achieve the desired look. The fact that there are many beauty products being offered in the market proves that women are fixated, more than ever, about enhancing themselves.

“All women are beautiful, but sometimes, we have to polish that beauty to bring out the best,” says DMARK Beauty Corporation chief executive officer Nikki Tang during the recent launch of the NeoStrata Skin Active line that marks her company’s 20-year partnership with the NeoStrata brand as official distributor in the Philippines.

But before jumping into skin care brands, Tang says one should be discerning and take the advice of medical professionals.

“NeoStrata is a scientific brand so we respect the doctors’ recommendations and we value that partnership that we’ve had with them for the last 20 years. We give them the authority to recommend products such as NeoStrata because this brand and technology requires a doctor’s recommendation to achieve the desired results.”

Catherine Mueller, NeoStrata Co. Inc. director of International Markets, adds that skin renewal is important in skin care and also the core goal of NeoStrata.

“That’s truly what our formulations do. This renewal is what we call the science of regeneration. It is best to be evaluated by a doctor so we can make sure that the doctor and the patient would work together in the best approach with the products available.”

She explains that normal skin renewal is a 28-day cycle but can be affected by pollution, aging, and UV rays that slows down the process. NeoStrata helps in skin regeneration as its formulations renew and normalize the skin cells.

“In our company, the scientists are experts in the art of formulations. They know how to use the most effective ingredients and formulate the right ways to create meaningful benefits for the patients,” Mueller explains.

The NeoStrata Skin Active line is composed of premium products designed for maximum, noticeable results in potent formulations where results continue to build with time.

This collection is divided into Repair and Firming Collections. The Repair Collection has Exfoliating Wash, Matrix Support SPF 30, Cellular Restoration, Intensive Eye Therapy, and Citriate Solution. For Firming, there’s Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum, Triple Firming Neck Cream, Retinol Repair Complex and Dermal Replenishment.

NeoStrata, one of DMARK Beauty Corporation’s bestselling brands, is passionate about developing the very best in anti-aging skin care. Led by NeoStrata founders Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, Neostrata’s team of researchers has discovered and patented some of the common topical skin care ingredients like Glycolic Acid.

NeoStrata Active line and other DMARK Beauty Corporation products are available nationwide in dermatology clinics, aesthetic centers, beauty and personal care stores, and e-commerce sites.

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