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“Most of those who follow the President would only identify two targets of his rants which are hardened criminals and drug traffickers.

Undaunted by the adverse public opinion on her useless jabber, Vice President Leni Robredo again took on President Rody Duterte’s war on drugs in an interview with German news outfit Deutsche Welle, saying “dissent is not welcome” in the Philippines.

She made the assessment while she and her yellow cohorts keep up their venomous attacks against Rody without any consequence, except for the continuous plunge in Robredo’s public acceptance as shown in the latest survey.

The yellow mouthpiece also claimed there is “no accountability of officials” and that “activists are now being killed” which are both outright lies.

The critics of Rody have turned to the foreign audience in their ouster campaign since Filipinos have totally rejected their lies, resulting in the survey grades of the President reaching record highs midpoint of his term.

Robredo cited the “threats of violence to many sections of society that have shown their dissent” in many of the president’s speeches but most of those who follow the President would only identify two targets of his rants which are hardened criminals and drug traffickers.

She claimed Rody encouraged attacks on the Catholic Church and also encouraged the burning of Lumad schools. “In fact, one time he told his soldiers and the police to shoot female activists in their genitals,” she added.

It is a wonder that three years as Vice President had failed to make Robredo used to Rody’s manner of speaking which is always spiced with threats and invectives to effectively bring his message across.

Most of the statements Robredo referred to were made in front of soldiers who are receptive to the tough talk of the President.

Rody’s usual spiel is that he will kill criminals and drug traffickers which is his way of saying that they will be pursued relentlessly.

She then assailed the aides of Rody, saying that they are always quick to defend Rody’s harsh statements and that these threats are mere words and the president didn’t mean to pursue them as she made particular mention of spokesman Sal Panelo.

Leni must be comparing herself to the President which is too way off a contrast since she merely follows the dictates of the Liberal Party while Rody has been credited for his strong political will.

Another untruth she propagated in the interview: “There was a time when I thought that we would be able to work really well. I attended the cabinet meetings very regularly, but when the extrajudicial killings became an issue, I felt that I was obliged to voice my opinion and so, I was very vocal about my opposition.”

From the beginning of her term, Robredo was hammer and tongs in the movement to bump off Rody that would install her in his place, only that the overwhelming public support on the President always frustrated her and her cohorts’ vile efforts.

Unlike Rody who won by a landslide, Robredo’s mandate is even the subject of a challenge due to the questionable circumstances that supposedly led to her win in the ballot.

Of the five top officials in government, Robredo tails at fourth place in trust and approval based on the latest survey in which Rody led and followed by Senate President Vicente Sotto III and Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano. Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin brought up the rear.

Since the Supreme Court head is appointed and is not a high-profile official who shuns political noises by nature since it may compromise objectivity, Robredo is at the bottom of those the people had put into office.

The problem with Robredo is that she mindlessly mouths the lies that the yellow mob propagates which boomerangs on her, resulting in her poor credibility.

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