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A vlogger’s rules on relationships




VLOGGER-TURNED-AUTHOR Jelai Andres with her first book, “Never Number Two.”

Internet star Jelai Andres dips her toes into the waters of writing as she launches Never be Number Two, an amusing and relatable self-help book that provides hearty insights on living through relationship and marital woes, published under ABS-CBN Books.

The fun and witty read lists down her rules on relationships, but more importantly, emphasizes the importance of self-love even after being extremely hurt by one’s romantic partner.
It also further expands commonly-heard terms nowadays such as “ghosting,” “orbiting,” and “breadcrumbing,” and introduces the author’s own relationship terms like “pillowing,” “orbiting (the house),” and “pa-yummy-ing.”

Jelai said that writing this guide for her “mi loves” (her term of endearment for her followers) allowed her to release some of her bottled feelings and thoughts which she hopes could encourage the readers to forge ahead despite their pain.

ABS-CBN Books president Ernie Lopez, Jelai Andres and ABS-CBN Books head of print publishing Mark Yambot.

“I hope that they would be inspired and be aware. Because when we have problems about love life, even if our situations differ, we experience the same signs,” she added.

The vlogger-turned-author also teased what makes her book very compelling. “I wrote something here that nobody knows about. It’s something that should actually remain a secret but I wrote it in this book. What I did was something that you wouldn’t really think I could do but I did it, all because of love,” she shared.

Jelai joins the exciting roster of authors under ABS-CBN Books. The publishing arm of the country’s leading media and entertainment company, ABS-CBN, continues to bring the Kapamilya experience in print with its extensive fiction, nonfiction, movie-based, self-help, and inspirational reads.

Learn to power through heartbreaks by reading Jelai’s Never be Number Two, now available online, in leading bookstores and newsstands for P195. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

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