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Healthier alternative to cigarette smoking

Yang cited how vaping could help smokers of traditional cigarettes ditch the habit that is known to cause disease and even death.



It’s time to make the switch to a healthier, safer smoking alternative.

RELX, Asia’s number one cigarette brand has arrived in the Philippines, giving adult smokers a new option to wean from conventional cigarettes for a better alternative.

The vaping product, developed in China, launched recently in the Philippines, offers a world-class vaping product at an affordable price.

“RELX, as it develops future-forward solutions to the world’s one billion adult smokers, now offers to the Philippines’ 15 million adult smokers a better and safer alternative to cigarette smoking through its affordable yet world class product,” Di Yang, RELX director for Southeast Asia Business, said in a press conference last 20 September in Makati City.

RELX comes in sleek, flaunt-worthy designs for every taste, from plain black, red and blue ones to gradient colors meant to be seen: Mystic Aurora for flashy pink,
Sunset Glow for a gentler pink-to-champagne hue and solar eclipse for an ombre of bronze to brown.

It also offers pods for every mood, from the classic tobacco flavor to minty and fruity ones. They are available in options of three percent and five percent nicotine.

A starter kit which includes the device, one pod and micro-cable, is available at a retail price of P1,599.

Yang cited how vaping could help smokers of traditional cigarettes ditch the habit that is known to cause disease and even death.

“There are more than one billion smokers in the world today, and by WHO’s (World Health Organization) own projections, there will continue to be more than a billion smokers in the world by 2025. Vape as a product category has the potential to switch smokers from burning traditional cigarettes, which generate tar and a host of harmful chemicals to a much better alternative,” he said.

The Beijing-based company’s entry into the Philippine market is also seen to generate jobs for Filipinos, as its Manila team is expected to be up to 80 percent local.

Apart from country operations, RELX is also set to move its global customer service unit to a business process outsourcing office in Manila.

“RELX hopes to contribute to the Philippines’ economic growth through the investment that we are bringing, including the employment that we will be generating,” Yang said.

“The Philippines is a key market where we have and intend to continue investing very significantly. We will be opening retail outlets, appointing distributors, building up a strong local organization to run what we believe to be a very meaningful presence here,” Yang added.