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No-cash transactions for Japan-based Filipino workers

Joshua Lao



OFW in Japan can now enjoy the convenience brought by digital channels in terms of remittance services.

No-cash transactions for overseas Filipino workers (OFW), particularly those in Japan, have been made easier with the recent partnership between local lender Asia United Bank (AUB) and Japan-based financial technology (fintech) firm Digital Wallet Corp. (DWC).

AUB president Manuel Gomez said that with this partnership in place, OFW in Japan can now enjoy the convenience brought by digital channels in terms of remittance services among other transactions.

“After the launch of WeChat Pay, Alipay and UnionPay QR payment acceptance in the Philippines through the AUB PayMate facility, the partnership with Digital Wallet Corporation is an innovative avenue to accept a mobile-centric remittance service for (OFW) in Japan,” Gomez said.

According to DWC, the digital remittance service will be provided under the Smiles Mobile Remittance brand, which makes use of the latest technologies in the market such as artifical intelligence, robotics, digital wallet and mobile money.

Also, this latest service offering was dubbed as the most popular mobile remittance service in Japan and has benefitted over two million individual consumers since its inception in June 2017.

DWC founder and president Eiji Miyakawa expressed satisfaction and excitement with the recent venture noting on the service as the first of its kind for OFW in Japan.

“We are pleased to deliver this brand-new service, which is not just fintech as we also envision to deliver connections that strengthen ties with family members and friends. There is always a story behind sending money to families: various backgrounds, stories, wishes and gratitude involved,” Miyakawa said.

We are keen to deliver heart-warming emotions and appreciation together. This service springs forth from our strong motivation to offer mobile-centric remittance service for global citizens living apart from family and friends,” he added.

Moreover, DWC executive vice president Alex Milan shared the same sentiment as he noted on the so-called loyalty points, which can be earned from the service and bring added benefit to OFW in the long run.

“We are thrilled to provide a simple, first-of-its-kind mobile-centric, secured and value for money remittance service where our fellow (OFW) in Japan can benefit from their own transactions by earning recurring loyalty points, which could pay for their own future transactions,” Milan said.

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