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Kim Molina leads ‘Jowable’

When they told me it would be Kim chosen for the movie, I initially thought that ‘I’m launching her and she’s launching me,’ Yap said

Pauline Songco



real-LIFE couple Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles in a scene from “Jowable.”

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for theater actress Kim Molina. From her supporting role as Joan in Camp Sawi, as Savannah in Kadenang Ginto, as Billeth in The General’s Daughter and as Peng of Momol Nights, Kim finally gets to headline the movie Jowable which will hit theaters this 25 September.

“I’m very thankful to my ABS-CBN, Dreamscape and Viva family. At the same time, I’m also nervous that these wonderful materials were entrusted to me. I hope I can give them justice,” she said.

Directed by Darryl Yap, Jowable first started as a short film uploaded on Vincentiment’s Facebook page in 2018. It instantly garnered 100,000 likes and, as of March last year, it was translated into a novel by the same director.

Elsa, the film’s heroine, feels miserable and envious of every couple she sees. What does her mother Liberty (Kakai Bautista), who changes boyfriends as often as she changes clothes, and her happily in love friend Karissa (Cai Cortez) have that she doesn’t?

Kim Molina.

She’s not a bad catch, either. A guy comes along and instant attraction sparks between them. Is this the love she has been waiting for all her life?

Elsa is portrayed by the talented Kim Molina, who previously worked with Darryl Yap for the short film BossaBoss, a part of Vincentiments’ Kung Pwede Lang series.

Kim explains, “Honestly speaking, my nervousness is on a different level this time. The last movie I was part of the main cast was Camp Sawi where I acted alongside four of our country’s most beautiful actresses. But now, I’m thankful that I’m on this stage with my friends who are all great actors and actresses.”

THE movie was first a short film that gained a lot of attention on Facebook and was later on made into a novel.

With Kim on this movie are “Miss Q and A’s” Chad Kinis, Cai Cortez, Kakai Bautista, Fabio Ide, Candy Pangilinan and her real-life partner, Jerald Napoles.

“When they told me it would be Kim chosen for the movie, I initially thought that ‘I’m launching her and she’s launching me,’” Yap said.

Kim also performed the movie’s official soundtrack, with the same title. Only a day after the music video’s release, it already reached over 60,000 views.

KAKAI bautista plays Elsa’s mother who often changes boyfriends.

“I didn’t have anyone in mind when I wrote Elsa in the first place. When I knew it was going to be her, I just hit the jackpot knowing that she’s a seasoned theater actress. My existence in front of you guys is actually because of her. If I can compare her to anyone, she’s like an Eagle and a Chameleon at the same time. This girl deserves everything more than anyone does,” Yap concluded.

Jowable hits theaters this 25 September by VIVA Films.

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