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Trucks, PUV banned to park along Marikina streets

Neil Alcober



As part of the city government’s efforts to ease traffic, the City Council of Marikina has prohibited trucks, public utility vehicles (PUV) and all public transport vehicles from parking on roads and streets in the city.

Public utility vehicles such as PUJ, PUB, UV Express, taxi cabs and all kinds of public transport with an Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board franchise, as well as trucks, trailers, cargo or delivery vans are prohibited to park on city roads and streets.

Under Ordinance 044 Series of 2019, or an Ordinance Prohibiting Trucks and Public Utility Vehicles and all Public Transport Vehicles from Parking on Roads and Streets in the City of Marikina, and Providing Penalties for Violation Thereof, operators of public transport shall be required to have garages for purposes of parking and maintenance of their vehicles which should be off streets and adequate in space and facilities for this purpose.

Trucks, on the other hand, because of their size, weight and height cannot be permitted to park on city roads and streets and shall be allowed to traverse major thoroughfares only on certain hours of the day.

The ordinance also requires truck drivers to stop their vehicles on loading and unloading areas when actually taking up or setting down goods, provided they are present at all times and attending to the same. A driver of public utility vehicle shall stop only at designated loading and unloading areas as indicated by signs and only within a reasonable time by which passengers are able to alight or board. On the other hand, no PUV driver shall be allowed to stop or wait at any time on loading or unloading areas that are empty or when no passenger on board is requesting for a stop.

Those who will violate the ordinance may be penalized with a fine of P2,000.

Illegal parking and road obstructions by trucks and PUV have been identified as among the primary causes of traffic congestion and damage of public roadways, which has hampered the efficient delivery of basic services and facilities to the people of the city.

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