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Disrupt and demystify: Solutions to take on I4.0 revolution




The state of readiness for Industry 4.0 (I4.0) adoption is ramping up in Asia Pacific.

Manufacturers and companies are heeding the call to action amidst escalating concerns over low labor productivity that impacts economic growth.

Addressing the fears and stumbling blocks over I4.0 is the first step to achieving clarity and direction, and Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019 — a Hannover Messe event, returns this year with a very focused and specialized approach to speed up I4.0 adoption with practical learning platforms and scalable solutions.

With regional governments emphasizing the need to be ready for the digital revolution, organizations are realizing that I4.0 adoption is not an option, but a necessary solution to being future-ready and to futureproof their business models. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” and the ones who are quick to respond will gain first-mover advantage that translates into massive efficiencies that impact large-scale production.

“We’ve seen digitalization, robotics and automation coming together to enable our customers to work side-by-side with technology and deliver new levels of productivity and safety. No matter the size of a company, digital transformation can help to realize new opportunities today to enable sustained business success while reducing the impact on environment and people. The challenge is no longer whether to start but how to scale and build momentum,” said Johan de Villiers, Country Managing Director, ABB Singapore.

What are the right automation decisions to make? How to find the budget for it? What does it take for a business to go full integration on I4.0? How to ensure that it remains sustainable?

These are some of the fears and doubts that organizations are concerned about, and which will be addressed at Industrial Transformation via its comprehensive content-rich learning platforms and themed activity zones on the show floor.

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