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Zip your lips, Leila

“Yet to this day, they act as though they are candidates for sainthood, when they allowed the culture of impunity in the House of Aquino to continue shamelessly.

Ninez Cacho-Olivares



She is still at it, talking about what she calls “impunity” and its culture that has descended on the Duterte administration.

There went the detained Sen. Leila de Lima, stressing that “Impunity once unleashed has no bounds. Anything can happen,” as she warned in a Sunday statement while renewing her old, tired warning.

De Lima added: “It’s happening! Impunity in the killings, corruption, repression of dissent and legal or judicial harassment versus critics, and abuses in the exercise of presidential powers.”
She furthered, “And we’re allowing or tolerating all these. So little resistance. Many voices are muzzled.”

The detained senator is really something else, believing that she has the moral ascendancy in issuing such warnings on her claimed culture of impunity, even as she conveniently omits the fact that she, as the then yellow Justice chief, closed her eyes to the gross impunity being committed by her yellow patron, then President Noynoy Aquino and his yellow aides. Yet, she now claims to be so shocked at the alleged impunity in the Duterte administration?

It was a such a yellow teamwork she enjoyed with the yellow Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, in ensuring that their yellow patron and his allies would not be touched by the law, even as Aquino and his yellow allies, such as his then Budget secretary, were already caught dipping their hands in the public coffers and bribing congressmen and senators to impeach and convict the then sitting Supreme Court Chief Justice, the late Renato Corona.

The fact that she and her teammate Carpio-Morales allowed such a blatant criminal act to go unpunished should make them ashamed of themselves. Yet to this day, they act as though they are candidates for sainthood, when they allowed the culture of impunity in the House of Aquino to continue shamelessly. They even covered up for him and his yellow allies.

Leila, as the yellow Justice chief, certainly did nothing by way of warning against the yellow administration, especially her yellow patron, of the culture of impunity going on in the yellow administration.

Still, why should she have even tried to warn Aquino and his allies, when she was hardly the model of moral ascendancy? Why should Leila and her teammate, Carpio-Morales, when they were precisely ensuring their protection from the law.

Really? Pray tell, Leila. Where was your voice when your yellow patron did nothing and even refused to order the military for air support against the Islamic rebels who were then slaughtering the 44 Special Action Force troopers in the infamous Mamasapano Massacre, and with her yellow boss witnessing the massacre in real time?

Have you again conveniently forgotten that you even defended your boss, insisting in a Senate hearing on Mamasapano, that while Aquino was the commander-in-chief of the military, he was not the CIC of the Philippine National Police?

Corruption was certainly present during the yellow reign. legal and judicial harassment were employed by the yellows, especially the yellow duo of Carpio-Morales and yourself, Leila, as the then Justice chief. They even ensured that their yellow boss and his aides would be fully protected during their reign, while ensuring too that their yellow patron’s political foes would be slapped with trumped-up charges of plunder, arrested and detained.

And she has the face to complain about her detention and charges of conspiring with the criminals in the New Bilibid Prison on drug trading, calling the charges against her trumped-up when she is a master at slapping trumped up charges against her yellow patron’s political foes?

Yet to this day, she dares to claim that she is being politically persecuted, when she was, as the yellow Justice chief, the political persecutor, going after the political opponents of her yellow boss and yes, allowing and tolerating Aquino and his administration’s corruption, political persecution of their foes.

Today, she even files Senate resolutions, with one of them stating that “Congress, through relevant and appropriate legislation, must end the perpetration of the culture of impunity by facilitating the enforcement of the full extent of the law against persons, both state and non-state actors, responsible for summary killings,” the detained senator stated.

If she is so scandalized, why then did she do nothing to end the perpetration of the culture of impunity by the enforcement of the full extent of the law during the yellow reign?

De Lima should just zip her mouth. She has no credibility when she speaks on these issues, because she never enforced the law when it came to her yellow boss and his allies.

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