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Back-to-back jackpot




The odds of winning in a lottery is one in millions. A few lucky ones, however, beat the odds to become millionaires.

If winning in a lottery once is very rare, winning twice must be impossible. Such winner is aptly called the luckier ones.

Mario Loza of Virginia earned that reputation when he twice won the state lottery dubbed Cash 5 last 27 August. The numbers on his lottery ticket bought from a 7-Eleven store in Arlington — 5-7-15-21-31 — were drawn, and he won $100,000.

Loza went to the lottery office to claim his prize.

Two days later, he would be returning to the lottery office to claim another $100,000.

Apparently, Loza bought two tickets with the same numbers and learned about it later.

The state lottery office gave Loza a giant replica of a check bearing $200,000 during the ceremonial presentation of the winner and prize.

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