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Karma at work

De Lima of course has zero proof that such a move was meant for the inmates-witnesses who she says are being pressured to stick to their testimonies she calls perjured.

Ninez Cacho-Olivares



Several high-profile convicts, who are to serve as witnesses against detained Sen. Leila de Lima in the drug cases in which she stands accused, had been ordered transferred from their cells in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) to the Marine barracks last week, admittedly ordered by President Duterte himself, citing security reasons.

De Lima rejected suggestions that drug lord Peter Co and six other convicts, who are among the 10 high-profile inmates, were moved last June for security reasons.

“Are they implying that there’s a security threat coming from me? Baloney! Hilarious!” De Lima said in a statement.

But why does she immediately jump to that conclusion, when she hardly has the basis to come up with such a claim?

It is no secret that there have been stabbings and some dangerous fights between and among prisoners in the NBP even in the maximum security cells, and such fights hardly have anything to do with the unfounded reasons Leila claimed.

She also quickly denounced the transfer of the 10 prisoners, claiming that the move was meant to pressure them to stick to their “perjured testimonies.”

The detained De Lima of course has zero proof that such a move was meant for the inmates-witnesses who she says are being pressured to stick to their testimonies she calls perjured, but she claims such anyway as yet another tall tale to make her European and Asian human rights backers believe that she is truly being politically persecuted.

Too bad for Leila. These human rights groups hardly have any credibility left as they don’t even bother to check on court records, relying only on the yellow critics who want international help to throw out of power the current President!

The decision to transfer the 10 inmates was defended by the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor), with Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra being quoted as saying that he sees nothing wrong in the transfer.

“As long as a court approval is secured, I guess that should be okay because the intention is not to provide any special treatment, but to secure precisely these people who, to my understanding or recollection, will be or are witnesses in an existing case,” Guevarra said.

Guevarra should check with Duterte first, before he opens his mouth, since it is the President who has ordered as early as June to have these inmates transferred for security reasons.

And he does have that power. After all, if he can constitutionally issue pardons — absolute and conditional — as well as commute sentences, there shouldn’t be even a problem for a Philippine president to order the transfer of detention sites and not necessarily for the reason the raging virago of a detained senator gave and, again, to make her look like a victim, which is really too tiresome a claim from her.

Still, if such is Leila’s suspicion, it may be due to her ways of resorting to, during her stint as the yellow President’s Justice chief, where she has been suspected of getting thieves and their accomplices to testify against the then opposition senators whom she had filed cases of plunder.

Already, many of these Leila witnesses certainly perjured themselves, as they have already recanted their testimony, Clearly, they were coached by De Lima. Even the National Bureau of Investigation allegedly was tapped to manipulate the evidence.

De Lima can continue claiming her innocence as an accomplice to the NBP’s drug trading business despite witnesses, including her own appointed BuCor chief who had testified that he had delivered at least P10 million in cash to his boss from the NBP prisoners for her senatorial campaign.

The detained senator has been complaining about her long stay in detention, yet it is really her fault. Throughout her stay in her Police Custodial Center cell, she has kept on delaying the scheduled court hearings, coming up with one motion after another, trying too many times to have the lined-up government witnesses against her disqualified, which move had been denied by the Muntinlupa judge.

Sometime last year, De Lima moved to have them disqualified as witnesses on account of their conviction for crimes involving moral turpitude.

Heck, Leila is hardly a model of morality yet she continues to portray herself as the politically persecuted prisoner, forgetting the fact that during her stint as Justice chief, she persecuted her yellow patron’s political foes, got crooks to perjure themselves against the then opposition senators.

And yet now, she demands that which she had denied the political foes of the yellow President, who really should be detained, too. But karma may just catch up with him soon.

It will be a long wait in jail for Leila. It doesn’t look like the yellows can get back to power and position.
It’s all about karma at work, Leila.

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