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Grand they really are



The most memorable moments when idling a day at the park would be to see children romping around at their hyper best while their grandparents valiantly tries to keep up with them.

Since the role of the eldest members of a family would be to make sure that the little tykes learn valuable lessons that they will carry until they grow up, the effort to keep up with the youth is an ordeal.

For patiently matching the energy of the youth alone, grandparents deserve a day all their own in the calendar.

In 1956, an American named Marian McQuade of West Virginia was thinking of an ample celebration for elderly members of her community after finding that many of the senior citizen residents now interned in a nursing home didn’t often receive visits from their families.

From there came the idea of designating a day to honor and appreciate grandparents.

A federal proclamation signed by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 made Grandparents Day an official holiday.

The National Grandparents Day Council created to oversee the celebration said that the day also seeks to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children.

A perfect picture of grandparenting was the scene of President Rodrigo Duterte being mobbed by his grandchildren, apparently wild with joy, on his bed to wake him up.

The little tykes who disrupted the sleep of a dead-tired President is met with the sweetest smile that only a grandfather is capable of.