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RE/MAX Capital and C Estates contract signing with the members of the media.

C Estates recently signed a partnership with RE/MAX Capital led by its chairperson Kerwin Yu and president Jonathan Sim.

Coming at the heels of C Estates’ acquisition of, the partnership will enable RE/MAX Capital to use an online management platform to generate more closable leads for their property listings.

Kerwin Yu RE/MAX Capital chairman (second from left) with C Estates executives Gary Hablero, Teru Sumida, Elixes Becislao and Jonathan Sim (rightmost) RE/MAX Capital president.

C Estates chairperson and founder Teruo Sumida shared the acquisition of Swoop and the formal partnership with RE/MAX Capital will build a reliable database of thousands of verified property listings for its investor market.

The digital smart investment platform for real estate will continue to engage in similar strategic deals to provide key players in real estate faster and better ways to sell to global investors by digitizing properties using the C Estates tokenization platform.