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Israeli court temporarily frees Filipino family




The Bacarro family prepares to leave Givon Prison. (UCI Facebook)

A Filipino family was released on bail from a Tel Aviv jail on Thursday, 11 days after immigration authorities picked them up at their residence.

Friends and co-workers pooled $20,000 for the temporary liberty of Randy and Sheila Bacarro and their daughters Mika, 12, and Maureen, 10.

The Bacarro family was arrested on the morning of 18 August for being illegal migrants.

Israeli law prohibits foreign workers from having children. If they do not send their children home, their visas will not be renewed.

Still, many, like the Bacarros, opt to remain in the Jewish state.

In releasing the Bacarros, the Tel Aviv District Court ruled that deporting them at this time, could have special implications, especially on the children’s mental state once they are displaced from their social and educational settings.

The family’s lawyers, Gidi Aisen and Michal Pomerantz, clarified that the release is temporary.

“While there is a long struggle ahead of us, we can all breathe a sigh of relief,” the lawyers posted on Facebook.

Two more Filipino families are still awaiting decisions on their appeal while two others have already been deported.