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South Korea’s scenic province




Located east of Seoul is a charming and nature-filled region which may be familiar to some. Gangwon Province is a scenic beauty filled with spots and tourism attractions that one, especially those who love nature, would definitely love. It has popular destinations for tourists, like Chuncheon, the capital city with “many lakes,” a different experience awaits in Sokcho, the ultimate destination for foodies and those who love Korean cuisine; Gangwon, familiar to many due to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games held in Pyeongchang and several parts of the Gangwon region.

Last 9 August, the Gangwon Province Association celebrated “Gangwon Day,” a special event filled with excitement that showcased the best of the province to members of the Korean community and Filipinos as well. The event was held at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Grand Ballroom.

It was filled with various activities, like product exhibition showcasing the best products and imported goods coming from and made in the province. It also conducted a business consultation with local businessmen discussing business opportunities concerning products of Gangwon.

The main showcase had special guests Vice Governor of Gangwon Province — Chung Man Ho, Director of the Gangwon Business Agency — Lee Seoung Sub and the Philippines Association of Gangwon Province Chairman — Jung Han. The three gave their congratulatory remarks during the event.

The event was also graced by the chairman of the Federation of Economic Persons Societies — Park Byung Dae and the United Korean Community Association in the Philippines Chairman — Cho Seung Youn.

A commemorative photo session and signing took place during the event. This was attended by KPOP group — NOIR, the ambassadors for Gangwon Province.

Filipino singer Hazel Faith got the crowd excited with her performance so did NOIR with an explosive number.

A commemorative photo with all attendees closed the event.

Gangwon Province invites Filipinos to come and experience the scenic beauty of Gangwon Province. It  is the ultimate vacation spot of local Koreans and Filipinos will surely love it.