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Intensifying the joys of traveling



Filipinos love to travel. Be it within the Philippines, jumping from one island to another, or across the globe and immersing oneself in culture and people, Filipinos would do almost anything to set foot in a different place and experience the world.

And thanks to Klook, traveling has gotten easier.

As one of the world’s leading travel agencies, Klook has dominated almost all of the Southeast Asian region through its seamless tourist packages for wandering travelers from the Philippines.

So, to be able to cater to the local market and hear the needs of their consumers in the nation, Klook PH made itself a home in Manila.

According to Michelle Cruz, marketing lead of Klook PH, it wasn’t a smooth start for the Philippine leg of Klook.

“I think the biggest challenge [for me] back then was we had low grounded awareness. We had close to none coming in. So, because of that, it took me a while to build a right team and to be able to bring the business forward,” she shared.

From the start, with Marcus Yong, Klook’s regional marketing head, Cruz strove to be able to meet her goals for Klook PH.

“I had three objectives from the beginning; — it was one, building a team; two, working with on-ground operators and at the same time, three, localize a lot of our marketing initiatives. And without the right people on board, we couldn’t do that,” she added.

PERMANENT home in Manila.

New home, breaking deals

From five people in a cramped room, Klook PH continued to be able to meet its goals – and now, as it gets nearer its second anniversary, its doors are open for a new and creative hub with the view of the whole BGC area.

Klook, despite the surge of Filipino travelers using and just loving the brand, continues to find new packages and offers to bring into its Philippine market.

From its core purpose of providing attraction and tours, Klook PH now caters to specific needs of travelers: WiFi and airport transfers, as well as branching out to different kinds of companies/products to have their goals met, which is seamless travel and, of course, convenience.

“And because we put our heart in everything that we do, I think the success is being able to continuously improve what we have to address the needs of our consumers,” Cruz added.

Klook offers curated experiences that can be found only in the Klook application. “For example, in Singapore, we have a Crazy Rich Asians tour; in Bangkok, we have a Hangover tour. These are particular tours made by Klook and for Klook [consumers],” she expounds.
“I think apart from our unique proposition, which is the best price guarantee or skip-the-line access to theme parks, it’s the product that sets us apart,” she shared.

As more Filipinos want to explore more and travel the world, Klook is looking forward to making more offers and deals that would complete a whole travel experience without a hitch.
This 7 to 8 September, Klook PH is set to introduce its upcoming Klook Travel Fest 2019 at the World Trade Center. It is the first mobile-led travel festival in the Philippines that offers bigger and better earth-shaking deals for all Filipinos bitten by the travel bug.

For even more excitement at the most anticipated travel festival ever, there will be giveaways galore, such as free flights, luggage sets, cars, travel accessories, and the like.
Klook will also offer fabulous birthday deals, such as buy two, take one deals and a VVIP Monsta X concert with tickets priced at P12,500.

To join Klook Travel Fest 2019, sign up at For more details, check out their official Facebook page at