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OFW couple, daughters delay deportation




The lawyers of Filipino migrant workers Randy and Sheila Bacarro and their two daughters managed to extend their stay in Israel at least until Sunday when the court re-opens their case.

The couple and children Mika, 12, and Maureen, 10, are fighting to stay in Tel Aviv and not suffer the same fate of Rosemarie Perez and 13-year-old son Rohan who lost their appeal.

The lawyers are still trying to get the family released while the trial is ongoing.

Perez told non-profit organization United Children of Israel, which have been providing moral and legal support to foreign workers facing ejection from the Jewish state, that Rohan has been crying almost everyday since arriving in the Philippines last week.

“All I wanted was to live in peace, keep playing basketball, be with my friends, serve the Army and work with computers,” Perez quoted her son, whose father is Turkish, as saying.

Israeli law prohibits migrant workers from having children. Once they do, they must take their children out of the country before their visas expire.

But some, like the Bacarros and the Perezes, opted to stay put despite their illegal status.

Kav LaOved, a Tel Aviv-based non-profit group promoting labor rights in Israel, said the country currently has around 60,000 migrant caregivers, 80 percent of which are women and 50,000 with valid work visas.