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Is she, or isn’t she running isn’t quite the question regarding Vice President Leni Robredo’s 2022 plans, as many appear to have struck her out three years before the polls as a strong presidential candidate.

But it seems as if Leni has her eyes set on the presidency in 2022, as she yesterday announced that she is keeping her options open in the matter of the presidential race.

It does look like there is, at this time, no other viable yellow candidate brave enough to get into the presidential, or even the senatorial race, as the yellows really got clobbered in the 2019 senatorial election.

Still, one has to hand it to the Vice President, as she tries hard to keep the yellow party going, although she didn’t seem to meet with any success in getting the yellows, who cast off the yellow tag by renaming themselves as the Otso Diretso, any seat in the Senate.

One really wonders how the yellow reelectionists in the Senate today will fare in the forthcoming 2022 Senate races? Do they run as Liberal Party men, change parties and switch allegiance to the ruling party, or run as a guest candidate of another rising political party?

Chances are higher that they would run as guest candidates or switch parties, since the yellow stench is still too much for the electorate to bear intruding into their everyday lives.

But maybe Leni isn’t reading the political winds right, or maybe she thinks she is reading the wind shift right, even when there still hasn’t been any credible shift in the political winds, but she did say that she may just run for the presidency in the forthcoming presidential polls.

That’s a big step for Leni, considering the fact that she still doesn’t know just who the other presidential contenders would be, although the talk making the rounds focus on the president’s daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte who is seen to run for the top political post. This could be the reason Leni Robredo was also quoted as saying on a business-cum-news TV network program on her future plans, “If you ask me now, I have no plans, but I am leaving everything open,” adding that “I wouldn’t have run for the vice presidency if I didn’t feel I was ready for the presidency.”

Leni wasn’t ready either to being a member of the House of Representatives, where she hardly ever shined, and she never came up with any bill she had authored.

It is a fact that Leni wouldn’t even have become a congresswoman if her husband, the yellow president’s then Interior chief, didn’t die in a chartered plane crash where the yellows wanted the Cory death, that resulted in the presidency of her son who should never have become president, replicated.

In much the same fashion, Congresswoman Robredo was never thought of by the yellow president as vice-presidential material, but was made the vice-presidential bet of the Liberal Party by the yellow president and the LP standard bearer, Mar Roxas, only because they couldn’t get the ambitious Senator Grace Poe as the running mate of Roxas, since she wanted the presidency herself. With that decision, she lost and badly too, ending third in the presidential race, which was won by Rodrigo Duterte who apparently captured the imagination of the masses in the millions, believing that he was one of them.

Of course, it is still early days for anyone — even experienced politicians — to announce much too early in making a bid for the presidency public, because they all know they would become early targets by the media as well as the politicians, from left to right.

Leni’s stance could also be part of her ploy to get the public’s mind off her still disputed vice-presidential win. As things stand today, her rival, poll protestant Bongbong Marcos, is still at it, insisting on the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, the Supreme Court (SC) en banc really, to get his protest going. In a motion, Marcos’ lawyers stated the PET had already terminated the revision proceedings for the pilot provinces with revision reports having been submitted, and the PET rules are not being followed, such as the PET’s delegation of the reception of evidence to a hearing commissioner.

The truth is the PET has this horrible record of getting poll protestants to pay tens of millions for their protest, and even when the PET accepts the millions, it still does nothing by way of truly resolving the presidential and vice-presidential protests.

The Tribunal or the High Court merely waits for the term of the presidency or vice presidency to end, after which, the SC declares the protest moot, where no justice or fairness is done by the High Court.

It even appears that the High Court does not seem to care that the protested elective seat is not the choice of the electorate, but the choice of the fraudulent automated election machine which coughs up a usurper president or vice president.

Still, Leni certainly needs all the luck for her to win the presidency in 2023 — should she choose to run, she should wait for the yellow stench to evaporate fully.