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Rock star in the house



Mayor Francisco Domagoso, or Isko Moreno to most Filipinos, hurtled into the political spotlight not due to his stature as a movie celebrity but more from his refreshing image of being a no-nonsense local executive who gets things done setting him apart from his peers.

His formula is not rocket science since it consisted of the basics of governance, which is what the public expects their elected officials to do to make communities orderly and livable.

He started out by cleaning the notorious Divisoria market area where Moreno got wind of some P5 million a day in alleged bribes that resulted in the chaotic condition that discourages patronage of the famed center of everything sold at a bargain.

He then removed the stalls that mushroomed around a monument which is just a stone’s throw away from City Hall.

His deeds are merely those needed to be done which in itself was a source of admiration to many.

What is unique in Moreno is that he does not pretend to be God’s gift to humanity.

“Live and let live is my principle. You made your mark in the past, so it’s time to go, pack up.
There is now a new administration and you had your turn. But I cannot allow you to continue conducting illegal activities while I’m around,” he said during a visit to the Daily Tribune without giving a hint on who he was referring to.

“What I’m saying is that you analyze the result of the elections. You just analyze it. Total rejection. He did not lose, he was rejected,” Yorme which is how most Manileños call him, said while inviting a guessing game on who he refers to.

Moreno has a good reason for choosing the reformist path that he had taken.