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Israeli court denies bail for OFW, son




Filipina migrant worker Rosemarie Perez and 13-year-old son Rohan are still locked up in a pre-deportation facility after an Israeli court denied their appeal on Thursday.

Non-profit organization United Children of Israel reported that the Court of Appeals in Givon Prison did not release mother and son from the Yahalom Facility. Another hearing has been set.

Perez, who has been working in Israel for more than 20 years now, and her Israeli-born son were arrested on Tuesday in their Tel Aviv home, hours before an anti-deportation rally was held.

The Interior Ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority will deport dozens of Filipina workers whose visas were not renewed after they had children in Israel.

Although they were born in Israel and many of them speak only Hebrew, the children do not have legal status in the country. Mothers have been sent documents saying that they will be deported July and August.

Authorities also arrested and later freed Ofresina Koanka and 12-year-old Michael James, who has a learning didability.

An Israeli custody tribunal judge ordered another hearing regarding their deportation.

But Geraldine Esta and her two Israeli-born chilren, Khean, 10, and Kathryn, 5, are not so lucky.

Although out on bail, too, an administrative appeals judge affirmed the Estas’ deportation.

Two weeks ago, Jocelyn de Vera and her 11-month old daughter were likewise arrested but the Filipina did not resist deportation anymore.

De Vera came to Israel over 13 years ago and has been staying on a recently-expired work permit. (With a report from Haaretz, UCI Facebook)