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Be active and get cheq-ed!



For active people, getting regular check-ups is one of the most important things they should do to ensure their overall wellbeing. And though costly, health checks are one way to prevent the onset of any illness that can hinder them from doing activities they enjoy.

Some worries the middle market can encounter are the lack of assurance that they are healthy enough to pursue strenuous activities such as running, exercising or playing sports.
For Healthway Medical, the most trusted and preferred network of mall-based clinics in the Philippines, this is an untapped area it hopes to address through its new Lifestyle Bundles.

“So [it’s] very basic, and we noticed that we don’t have a middle product. We don’t have a package that can cater to the middle market, and these are the active people,” Carmi de Leon, vice president (VP) of Healthway Medical, said.

The bundle includes six packages: WellCheq, PhysicalCheq, WeightCheq, HeartCheq, DiabetesCheq and SportsCheq, with science-based and personalized coaching and medical consultations designed to start and maintain new healthy behaviors.

“For example, SportsCheq; we give this to the people who want to go to the gym or get themselves into sports. Without you knowing [your status], you might want to try running.
But how will you know if it’s good for your heart? Basically, the six bundles are for the middle market and the active lifestyle and, at this point, it’s still untapped,” De Leon shared.

Healthway Medical is also partnering with corporations such as Nestlé Philippines Inc. and Fitness Army to help spread and maintain the active lifestyle. “Our goal [in Healthway] is to make a healthier nation. If people are healthy, if people are not getting sick – then families will be happy. So we’re starting with communities and corporations,” the VP added.

JV Wong, who is a professional athlete, is a true believer of the advocacy of Healthway through the new series of bundles. “In my journey of fitness and wellness, Healthway became my personal partner and friend,” he said.

“Healthway itself is a humanized brand. In fact, through my executive check-ups, I saw that I was healthy. And because health is wealth and no amount of money will match the importance of health, they gave me the full confidence that I can do it,” the triathlete added.

Through her assurance from Healthway Medical, Wong is preparing for a world marathon in Berlin this September among four other Filipinos and will be representing the SMILE Train Foundation, an international charity for children with cleft lip and palate.

Along with SportsCheq comes other customized packages for people with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. The Weight/Heart/DiabetesCheqs come with a series of relevant tests to screen and monitor weight, heart and blood sugar levels.

PhysicalCheq and WellCheq, meanwhile, are tests that gauge the overall health of a person. It is an upgraded version of Healthway’s original product packages: Basic 5, PrimeCheq and HealthCheq. They are comprehensive medical evaluations complete with urinalysis, fecalysis, complete blood count (cbc), x-ray and a full medical check-up.

Of course, check-ups are not the only way to be sure of being healthy. So, to ensure the health maintenance of their patients, Healthway Medical also has a preventive health care campaign called the SEED lifestyle (Sleep, Eat Right, Exercise and De-stress) that promotes the active yet healthier lifestyle.

Experience a full circle of care only in Healthway Medical. Visit their website at to know more about the packages they offer.