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Beauty in sustainability



Despite the efforts to curb the use of plastics, the Philippines still ranks as the world’s third largest contributor of plastic waste. Almost 2.7 million tons of garbage end up in the ocean every year, affecting the massive and diverse marine life living in it.

Kiehl’s, a global skincare brand, does its part in taking care of the environment with the reintroduction of its Made Better campaign this time with celebrity scions Raymond and Richard Gutierrez

From recent cleanup drives, it was found that most of these wastes are shopping bags, sachets, candy wrappers, straws and plastic cups. Metro Manila alone contributes to roughly 560,000 metric tons of plastic waste which, according to studies, would take 20 to 30 years to clean.

“RECYCLE and Be Rewarded” campaign encourages consumers to bring their empty Kiehl’s bottles in exchange for free travel size samples

Kiehl’s, a global skincare brand, does its part in taking care of the environment with the reintroduction of the “Made Better” campaign, this time with celebrity scions Raymond and Richard Gutierrez.

“‘Made Better’ is a worldwide initiative that spotlights environmental issues. Globally, Kiehl’s is working with John Legend in raising environmental awareness. However, we believe that to provide a tangible change in the Philippines, we need to tailor the campaign to our local setting,” Joan Hwang, Kiehl’s senior product manager, said.

In the Philippines, Kiehl’s’ program “Recycle and Be Rewarded” incentivizes consumers who bring their empty Kiehl’s containers to any branch. For every three bottles presented, consumers are given free travel size samples. The collected containers then will be converted into garbage bins that will be given to the brand’s partner barangays in Batangas.

“As a nation, we depend on our waters for our livelihood, economy, food, history and tourism. Our country thrives on a healthy and diverse marine ecosystem. The time is now to make the world a better place for the future generations of Filipinos by doing sustainable efforts that help conserve and preserve our most precious resource, the ocean,” Raymond said.

Limited Edition Calendula Toner, Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream and Tote Bag designed by the twins.

The celebrity twins designed a limited-edition bottle featuring a special photograph taken by Richard during his underwater expedition in Vavau Island, Tonga and Monad shoal Malapascua Island, Cebu City.

Mond added, “The fact that we get to use Richard’s photographs for the cause is more meaningful for us. It’s a firsthand account of really how beautiful the oceans are. So, that’s what we wanted to highlight by using his photography as the backdrop.”

The limited-edition packaging will be featured in the Calendula Toner 125 ml and Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream 50 ml in most of the stores nationwide.

Richard concluded, “Kiehl’s as one of the global pioneers of sustainability with its movement of recycling products or its bottles and pushing that sustainable lifestyle, we felt that it’s a great opportunity for me and Mond to work with a brand like them. Revitalize the seas just by changing our daily dependence on plastic. The smallest change we do on our daily lives can make a huge impact in the world we live in.”

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