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A stylist’s take on grooming




Men would always want to look good and be the best version of themselves, but there is a defining line between what is fantasy and reality.

Celebrity stylist Lourd Ramos says he draws the line on what the client wants and if the look they aspire for is appropriate for them.

“Google your favorite icon and check if the look is viable for you. Would you look good with it? Do you think you can pull off this kind of haircut? You need to compromise with me if I am going to cut your hair and be a little realistic,” Ramos says during a recent social gathering to celebrate the modern man of today as organized by Philips in cooperation with Philippe Gadgets & Accessories and Rustan’s.

FROM left: Merlyn Martinez, CFO & general manager of PGA; Maite Uy, business development manager, Philips Personal Health; Paolo Tantoco, AVP for the Administration Division, Rustan’s; Lourd Ramos, brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist.

The hair guru, however, says this should not stop a man from experimenting to reach his personal style.

“You can try it on. The beard will grow, the hair will grow and the mustache will grow, but at least you’ve tried it,” he advises.

Ramos admits that modern men model themselves before icons they admire. “A modern man expresses himself with the way he feels or puts to life the icon he admires. He could be David Beckman or some guy there. It is how they would style themselves. They would wake up and say I would like to feel like Brad Pitt today.”

Ms. Maite Uy, Philippines business development head for Personal Health, says Philips helps achieve the look a modern man wants, but with all the basics covered. Philips, the global leader for male electric shaving tools, showcased its wide range of smart tools that can shape, shave and maintain any style of hair.

These include the Philips Wet and Dry Electric Shaver Series 7000 with the SkinGlide rings coated with anti-friction that enables the shaver to glide effortlessly across one’s face and prevents skin irritation.

The Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry Electric Series 5000 shaver protects the skin better than a regular blade with the MultiPrecision Blade System.

Philips Multigroom 9-in-1 Series 5000 offers nine tools to trim and style facial hair, clip the mane and groom the body to help men craft their personal look with just one tool. Its DualCut technology includes more blades and has self-sharpening blades with a battery life of up to 80 minutes.

The Philips Hair Clipper gives an easy haircut with its DualCut technology with self-sharpening blades that cut hair twice as fast, and the comb with Trim-n-Flow technology that prevents hair clogging. The Philips beard trimmer gives power and precision to trim, shape and shave facial hair with the innovative Lift & Trim system.

“When a modern man gets his daily grooming right — the right shave, trim and style — he feels primed to use his power to make things happen and use his confidence to seize the day.
As an industry leader in male grooming, our forte is to deliver smart solutions to today’s modern man which offers a close comfortable shaving experience every day without compromising skin comfort,” she says.

“Our tools are made with a lot of love and care, undergoing stringent quality assurance and performance testing. Consumers are assured of excellent performance and quality, always. With Philips, the decision is yours. Be the man you want to be,” she adds.

Visit the Philips Male Grooming booth in Rustan’s Makati or find more about Philips Personal Care through