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Pacquiao VS Thurman

Pacquiao ready for heavy Thurman



Keith Thurman’s weight will hardly be a factor when he clashes with Manny Pacquiao for their World Boxing Association welterweight title match Sunday morning at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

I expect Thurman to come in close to 160 pounds

Pacquiao, the Filipino ring supremo, said he is already used to fighting taller, heftier foes and seeing Thurman climbing the ring with extra pounds no longer terrifies him.

In the official weigh-in Saturday, Thurman came in half a pound under the middleweight limit of 147 pounds. He is expected to rehydrate and put on additional weight of more than 10 pounds, making him around 160 pounds when the opening bell rings.

Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning mentor Justin Fortune said Thurman could be the size of a middleweight by fight night.

“I expect Thurman to come in close to 160 pounds,” Fortune said.

But for Pacquiao’s head trainer Buboy Fernandez, it doesn’t matter how much weight Thurman puts in.

After all, Pacquiao had already faced some of the sport’s legendary fighters who are bigger, stronger than him like Ricky Hatton and Oscar de La Hoya, who both ended up shocked and badly beaten that paved the way for their retirement.

“It’s up to him if he wants to put up 100 pounds. It doesn’t matter,” said Fernandez, Pacquiao’s boyhood pal who served as his chief trainer together with Freddie Roach.

Pacquiao, for his part, is not known to gain too much weight on fight day in a bid to maintain his speed.

Right after weigh-in, he feasted on beef, bulalo, chicken kebab, squid and hard-boiled eggs with the company of his close friends and associates.

“We’re not worried,” said Fernandez. “Even if we’re 149 or 150 (pounds), we will be fine.”