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Expected SoNA topics: Wage, prices, jobs



Wage, prices of goods and jobs are the top three topics Filipinos want to hear in President Rodrigo Duterte’s fourth State of the Nation Address (SoNA) on Monday, based on a Pulse Asia survey.

Out of 1,200 Filipino adults surveyed on 24 to 30 June 2019, Pulse Asia found that 17.1 percent of respondents want to hear the President’s views on workers’ pay in his annual SoNA, 17.1 percent wants to know about the government’s plan in reducing the prices of basic goods and 15.2 percent are interested in the creation of jobs or livelihood opportunities.

Other topics Filipinos want discussed in the SoNA based on the survery are Manila’s relations with Beijing (9.2 percent), the assertion of Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea (6.1 percent), war on drugs (7.8 percent), agriculture (5.9 percent) and pension increase (2.6 percent).

The top topics by geography are the China-Philippines relations for Metro Manila respondents, wages for Luzon and inflation for Visayas and Mindanao.

Meanwhile, less than one percent of respondents wanted Duterte to tackle the conditional cash transfer program, housing for the poor, infrastructure development, solving traffic woes and respect for human rights, among others.

The Pulse Asia survey also showed high awareness of Filipinos on Duterte’s previous SoNA at 75 percent of respondents.

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