DESIGNED to help drivers and pedestrians to be more mindful.


Filipina makes roads safer for pedestrians


July 14, 2019

Technology has indeed made the world a safer and more convenient place not just for motorists, but for each and every road user. With the popularity of navigation applications for vehicles on the road, such as Waze and Google Maps, now comes a mobile app dedicated for pedestrians.

Croxtec, which is derived from the words ‘Cross’ and ‘Tech,’ is the newest game-changing mobile application that aims to keep pedestrians out of harm’s way. It was founded by Filipina balikbayan Debbie Anne Carcariola-St. John. With over 24 years of work experience in the US automotive industry, she returns home to launch the product. Her goal with the technology is to help reduce the number of road-related incidents and wanted to first kick start the campaign in her own country. According to studies, an average of 34 Filipinos die due to road accidents every day, with cars faring no better with about 200 crashes occurring in the metro daily. With the help of Djanco Information Technology Solutions, Debbie aspires to help more people with this easy-to-use technology in hand.

Featuring an alert system for its users, the mobile application is basically designed to help drivers and pedestrians to be more mindful about their surroundings, especially while using the road. As a user, you first have to register in the application via Facebook, Google or e-mail. It then prompts you to select whether driver or pedestrian. Much like Waze, which shows registered users in the vicinity on its interface, Croxtec lets you see each other on the app. There are various alerts it may send such as: “Safezone,” “Caution Zone” or “Unsafe Zone.”

Currently, the app is only available locally and is limited to Android phone users. They plan to eventually expand to other countries and other mobile software as the need arises. You can download it from here for free.