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Palace rips UNHRC reso

Kristina Maralit



Malacañang yesterday slammed as “grotesquely one-sided, outrageously narrow, and maliciously partisan,” the decision of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to adopt a resolution calling for a probe on killings allegedly resulting from President Duterte’s signature campaign against illegal drugs.

The resolution demonstrates how Western powers are scornful of our sovereign exercise of protecting our people from the scourge of prohibited drugs

In a statement, presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo also branded the Iceland resolution that the UN body voted to adopt as reeking of “nauseating politics completely devoid of respect for the sovereignty of our country.”

Panelo said the resolution was also bereft of the gruesome realities of the drug menace in the country.

The 17 other nations who ruled in favor of adopting the resolution “certainly have been misled by Iceland,” he said. Iceland in turn was led astray by the continuing and relentless false news, published by a few biased media in the country and elsewhere, according to Panelo.

He furthered by saying that the UNHRC resolution was “designed to embarrass” the Philippines before the international community.

“The resolution demonstrates how Western powers are scornful of our sovereign exercise of protecting our people from the scourge of prohibited drugs that threaten to destroy the fabric of our society,” Panelo said.

“Their intrusive abuse is patent and condemnable,” he added. Despite this, Panelo maintained that the country remains a sovereign state “undeserving of any intrusion by any country, under whatever disguised lofty principle it advances.”

Gov’t undaunted
He also stressed that Mr. Duterte remains uncowed by the adoption of the resolution.

“This administration remains unwavering and unstoppable in its continuing campaign to provide a safe environment for every Filipino,” asserted Panelo.

“The Chief Executive will be unyielding in his constitutional duty to serve the general welfare of the citizenry, protect the Filipino people from the peril spawned by illegal drugs, and to fiercely preserve the Republic from the enemies of the state,” he said.

The President has earlier expressed confidence that an investigation on alleged state-sponsored killings to be conducted by an international body will only happen if he permits it.

Vigilance key — PNP
The Philippine National Police (PNP), for its part, said it will remain vigilant to prevent occurrence of crimes and will continue to perform its mandate to enforce the law with utmost respect for human rights.

PNP Spokesman Police Colonel Bernard Banac made the remark in response to the UNHRC vote to adopt the Iceland resolution.

“The Philippines’ official response to the UN action will be appropriately addressed by the Department of Foreign Affairs,” Banac said.

“Meantime, the PNP will remain guided by instructions of higher authorities.” he added.

Banac, at the same time, said that the PNP will submit to the better judgment and wisdom of higher authorities when it comes to this issue.

“Matters involving foreign affairs and diplomatic policy are beyond the authority of the police to tread on,” Banac said.

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