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Pia Wurtzbach champions self-love



To be the best, we push ourselves to the limits — working long hours, spending weekends in front of the computer and saying yes to side gigs even if it means sacrificing time spent with loved ones. Neglecting our health in our quest to achieve our goals can have alarming consequences. From getting sick to experiencing burnout, there are signs we need to watch out for so we can hit the brakes just in time.

Now more than ever, we need to practice self-love so we can be the best version of ourselves while still being able to share the love we have with others. This is the reason behind Centuria Medical Makati’s newest advocacy, #WeSelfLove.

“#WeSelfLove is (our way) of encouraging all of you to love yourself. We truly believe that the best way for you to take care of others is for you to take care of yourself first,” says Dr. Chelsea Elizabeth Samson, medical director of Centuria Medical Makati.

How do we take care of ourselves better? Unplugging, taking a social media break and doing something for yourself are just some of the ways you can practice self-care. By caring for ourselves better and practicing self-love, we commit to achieving optimal health and well-being. To further promote the #WeSelfLove advocacy, Centuria held a series of self-care workshop series in June that aimed to help men, women, and parents practice self-love.

Doctors and experts gave talks on overall health and wellness to help men and women be on the lookout for conditions they might encounter at a certain age. “The trend today is to be globally competitive. Everyone wants to be the best. There’s nothing wrong with that, but attached to it is a lot of stress and strain,” says Katherine dela Cruz, a registered psychologist from Prescription Psychiatry and Psychology. We need to know when to take a break, how to manage stress, and how to prevent burnout.

Queen of multitasking

Who can better champion We Self Love than Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach? A role model for modern Filipinas, Pia knows how to juggle a ton of commitments on a daily basis too well. Shooting a movie, going to endorsement shoots, and attending to other commitments in between can be tiring.

“It’s very timely now that we practice self-love because of the way we live our loves these days. It’s very fast-paced and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves with regard to work, our social circles, within our family, within our friends — just our whole lives. And with the involvement of social media, you tend to compare yourself to other people. You always feel like you’re not doing enough and you just keep going and going, until you realize that you’re burnt out already,” the beauty queen shares.

Many might be wondering, how does she handle all the stress? A health and wellness advocate, Pia knows the importance of self-love. “You’re worrying about other people too much that you stop caring for yourself and that’s something that happens to everyone. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. ‘Teka, kailan ba pwedeng ako naman?’ We all go through it. We need to remind everyone to take care of ourselves,” she exclaims.

To inspire others to love themselves and allot time for proper self-care, Pia lead the recital of the We Self Love Manifesto, a commitment to love ourselves more so we can be the best version of ourselves while still being able to share love with others. Knowing that you are important can help you become kinder and happier with yourself.

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