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Fresh for school



Just like huge transitions in life, the start of a new school year can be nerve-wracking. Of course, first-day jitters are common, but don’t let it get the best of you!

Boost your confidence by feeling, looking and smelling good. Blackwater, the cologne line of the country’s leading cosmetics brand Ever Bilena, has fragrance variants to suit different personalities to match your back-to-school look:

Turn heads on your first day by wearing Blackwater Deo Spray in Dark Pleasure. This aroma expertly blends sweet and juicy grapefruit, marine accord and woody-herbal scents to come up with a refreshing fragrance that’s difficult not to notice!

Thinking about trying out for the varsity team but scared of smelling like sweat? Blackwater Deo Mist in Grey Marble is a very masculine scent that consists of citrus, wood and herbal musk. It will make you feel confident throughout the day even after an intense athletic activity.

For ladies, get a tap on the shoulder from someone who admires your baby powder fresh scent with hints of orange, lily and rose when you use Blackwater Women Deo Spray in Desire.

No one can resist lush notes of plum and berries with a hint of vanilla. Show off the sweet girl that you are with Blackwater Women Deo Mist in Berries and Cream. Wear this throughout the new school year and you’ll surely make a great impression.

Have fond memories this school year by wearing the right scent.