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We’re 19 and we’re ONE



The first of June 2018 was the official inception of the Daily Tribune’s new identity. The people behind the then 18-year-old newspaper introduced changes that had never been done in its history.

The beginnings of what we, in Daily Tribune (DT), call “a major transformation” followed. With more content, an in-depth look at issues and a gathering of various opinion-makers in one roof, the newspaper began a year-long overhaul, from the inside out.

Marketing staff.

Efforts quickly paid off, as national and international recognition, industry feedback and the increased readership and strong online presence helped boost its claim as one of the best daily broadsheets in the country today.

Like any title worth its salt, DT has experienced the highs and lows of the news industry. One administration even dared to avert its pursuit by threatening to shutter it down. Others went out of their way to discredit the paper’s credibility. Some turned a blind eye on the issues it tried to expose.

Art and Design section.

The burning passion to serve the readers – the people who matter the most – gave DT the courage to endure it all. As one!

To survive, as DT survived, in the digital era is something to brag about since many would say that print media is dead. The Daily Tribune team, instead of caving in the face of change, has embraced these changes and turned it into its favor – an opportunity to connect with readers in the various platforms they may prefer.

Editorial Department.

As one, we did it.

And as we turn the page to our 20th year in the trade and the second under a new system, the Daily Tribune’s voice will be louder. Not only are we read, we shall also be heard.

Monitoring team.