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When the Daily Tribune first came out in 2000, it quickly found its place among the leading newspapers of the time by bringing a fresh view of events as they happened around us.

Nineteen years later, it takes its place in today’s technologically savvy world of reportage by offering a strong and engaging identity with innovative content beside the more traditional ones.

Here are some of the new sections today’s readers can enjoy browsing through in the pages of the Daily Tribune.


Starring Daily Tribune’s very own Tarseeto, this page is dedicated to readers who are visual-oriented and out-of-the-box thinkers.

“Marunong ka ba gumawa ng video?” Tarseeto asked Pikoy.

“Naku, hindi!” Pikoy replied.

“May kilala ka bang drug lord?” Tarseeto inquired again.

“Lalong wala! Bakit ganyan ang mga tanong mo sa akin?” Pikoy replied, obviously bothered.
“Madalas ko kasi nadidinig pangalan mo sa news lately e!”

“Si Pikoy ako… hindi Bikoy!”

The Quips section is not only a page for your daily dose of laughs and humor. Coming out every Sunday, it is dedicated to revealing the most timely, relevant social and political issues across the country.

Aside from Tarseeto, DT’s Quips has Arbie at Robie, Engkanthoughts, Moonpunch, Rainbow Taho, Salakot, Bambuboy, Komik Strip, Bo-Pol, Dayong’s Studio, 95 Tasers and Red Tails.

The Daily Tribune has innovated on the well-loved comics strip and made the page a socially relevant one.


Filipinos are undoubtedly hooked on the latest technologies, and proof of this is how almost everyone is looking down on their phone screens, typing, browsing, playing games or simply reading the news.

Recognizing this reality, the Daily Tribune launched TechTalks, a two-page section devoted to publishing the latest in gadgets and technology. From mobile applications, newly instigated devices, latest happenings in e-sports, camera features in brand new smartphones, blockchain and fintech to today’s gaming stadium, we’ve got you covered.

Coming out on Sundays, TechTalks is not only about technologies, but their effects on the economy and society as well.


Just as LGBT (which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) is “an evolving abbreviation” — now often said as LGBTQIA (adding “queer,” “intersex’ and asexual or “allied”) — the community is as diverse and colorful as the rainbow that symbolizes its pride.
Daily Tribune blazes ahead of the pack with a whole section dedicated solely to this spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Embassy Row

For news affecting the local diplomatic community, there is Embassy Row. Whether it’s about the United States, Australia, Israel, Japan and other embassies and consulates in the country, you’ll find it here.

On its inaugural issue last month, Embassy Row covered a special event organized by the Embassy of Israel dedicated to remembering the fallen during the Holocaust.

It serves as an avenue to enlighten the public with various events that impact relationships between the Philippines and the rest of the world.


People, Events and Places provides up-to-date features on the most prominent personalities, happenings and scenes around town. Formally launched in late April, the section documents everything that is Pinoy that adds prestige to our sense of pride.

Whether it’s the scenic view of Montescarlos farm, the world-class performance of Kaamulan Festival participants, to a colorful family fun run in Marinduque, PEP has got it all papped.

Top Form

Health is wealth, they say, but to inform is to transform, says the Daily Tribune.

Through its newly fashioned health section, Top Form, readers now have easy access to what they need most — well-written health facts and tips they can apply to their daily lives.

Top Form publishes stories that tackle not just innovations in the medical field, but also the latest information on how to live healthy lives. With a focus on wellness, it addresses not just questions on prevalent lifestyle diseases via the column of husband and wife tandem Dr. Brian Cabral and Dr. Monica Cating-Cabral, as well as simple exercises and practices to keep bodies in tip-top form.


They are this country’s future, today’s youth, emerging minds that will chart the country’s course in the next decades.

In NextGen, Daily Tribune focuses its eye on their achievements in various fields like sports, academics, specifically science and technology, journalism and the arts, particularly singing, a talent for which many Filipinos are known.


To offer a change of pace from hard news, Snaps is a gallery of images that reflect issues and events that affect our day-to-day lives. Whether it is political, social or cultural, the enterprising photographers of Daily Tribune are out there to document it — and serve it to our readers, plain and simple, without embellishments.

Nineteen years may look like a big number for some, but at the Daily Tribune, it is just a number. For many more years, the newspaper will continue to bring stories that define the Philippines — Without Fear, Without Favor.