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The notion that “print is dead” plays like a broken record in this digital age. Truth is, print media is far from dead — nor will it ever die. It is thriving and continuing to evolve into modernized forms.

While the swift technological advances have altered the consumers’ expectations and needs, the print media industry has adapted and evolved to meet the challenges.

With information readily available on the Internet, news updates come to people conveniently. Print and online media now coexist to serve a generation of readers who cannot have their phones away from them. The 19-year-old innovative English broadsheet Daily Tribune and its online counterpart drive this point home.

Born at the turn of this century, Daily Tribune immediately took a hardcore stance on issues, bearing a slogan that speaks of its character. But come October 2019, the publication is ready to open its doors and pioneer a high-end luxury magazine — a first in its history.
Welcome to the new era of Daily Tribune!

Against the backdrop of tight competition in the media industry, the publication hopes to strengthen its relationship with its existing consumers through a new luxury magazine covering the elegant and sophisticated lifestyle of the high-end members of society. From food, jewelry and choices in cars, Daily Tribune’s upcoming annual magazine promises to tell the real-life stories of the so-called crazy rich Pinoys “to give readers something to dream about.”

Dinah Ventura, current associate and lifestyle editor of Daily Tribune and head of the magazine’s editorial board, said the soon-to-be launched luxury magazine is poised to engage more deeply with upper- and middle-class readers — featuring real conversations of the world they live in.

“Although the future magazine is projected to feature the high-end sectors of our society, we will make sure to tell stories that even those from other classes can relate to or aspire to,” Ventura, the main proponent of the project, explained.

On top of its daily churn for the newspaper circulation, the publication hopes to offer audience networks spanning across platforms and titles, allowing depth of reach with targeted readers.

In a clear break from newspaper publishing, this upcoming luxury magazine will also attract brands while keeping true to its stance to make stories “without fear and favor.” Even as it features passionate people, this magazine would be a journey in itself.

Jojo Silvestre, who will be joining Ventura in the magazine editorial board, said while the newspaper delves deeper into politics and business, their annual magazine would hit the upper class to appeal to its unique niche.

“The Daily Tribune has evolved and it wants to address the needs of a particular segment of our society it has ignored for years. But with the new management and ownership, we would like to tap the high-net worth individuals,” Silvestre said.

Magazines have been important in the publishing world for many years because other than being the creative medium to publishing literary works, they are also an avenue to sell brands. The current generation of consumers goes beyond just reading stories, because their consumption preferences are dictated by the content they consume.

To keep the brand apart from other existing luxury magazines, Ventura and Silvestre promise to feature only the top brands in fashion, cars and jewelry for their jet-setting audience.
Today, there is no such thing as information overload. Daily Tribune is not only giving its audience new stories to read and pictures to admire, but they are also gearing up to open our eyes to a whole new world of how the affluents live their lives — from tycoons to their scions.

With this latest venture in its portfolio, the newspaper is betting its best foot forward to provide readers with in-depth and concise information in a portable and readable format. It aspires to be heralded as one of the luxury lifestyle tomes to circulate in the country while keeping its strong stance in the local publishing realm.