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50 dogs saved, thanks to Isko




Only the gloomy skies were to become witnesses to the scheduled euthanasia of 50 stray dogs late Friday afternoon at the Vitas slaughterhouse in Tondo, Manila.

Animal rights activists panicked upon hearing the news as they were out saving other dogs in Bulacan and in Bacolod City, where euthanasia of more canines were also scheduled.

They do not have enough volunteers to pound on the gates of similar slaughterhouses.

Many of them shook the social media to express their call to halt the Manila massacre.

They were not heard at the Manila City Hall, where outgoing Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada is now scarcely seen.

But the Daily Tribune succeeded in witnessing the postponement of the dogs’ euthanasia, which some veterinarians view as a humane treatment of sending animals to sleep before they die.

Animal rights advocate Hannah Turingan reported an intervention by incoming Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso. But it will only be temporary until each dog is saved by adoption.

PAWSsion Project, a nonprofit organization of animal welfare advocates based in Iloilo City, confirmed the postponement of the dogs’ killing following Domagoso’s intercession. It claimed that almost 200 dogs were saved from euthanasia during the past week, including those in Manila.

“Sad state for now. But rest assured that when the transition (of city leadership) ends, (I) will give them a better place,” said Domagoso, a self-confessed dog lover.

Aside from euthanasia, PAWSsion Project said some groups practice use guns, clubbing and other brutal ways to kill dogs.

The group is appealing to the public to have their dogs spayed or neutered if they cannot take care or assure adoption of more puppies.

The UP Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Diliman and organizations like the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) regularly offer free or inexpensive spaying and neutering services.