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One-of-a-kind health insurance launched

Louise Lizan



As lives are continuously disrupted and burdened by critical illness, the Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam), currently the largest life insurance company in the Philippines, launched its newly enhanced product to further extend help in securing not just its customers’ futures, but of their loved ones as well. Philam, along with its ambassadors Wil Dasovich, Mond Gutierrez and Nico Bolzico, and its parent organization, AIA Group Ltd., talked about the new AIA Critical Protect 100 at a recent launch.

Regardless of time and age, critical illnesses may strike, destroying plans for the future and affecting financial stability. The AIA Critical Protect 100 is a one-of-a-kind insurance plan that offers comprehensive health and protection benefits from zero to 100 years old and covers up to 100 minor or major illnesses such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

Wil Dasovich, one of Philam’s ambassadors, shared his first-hand experience in battling and recovering from cancer. “Being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age was a huge scare for me. Illnesses like cancer are supposed to come when you’re old and you’ve lived life to the fullest, not when you’re just starting to have fun,” he said.

“That’s why I was so thankful that Philam Life was there and this whole program to protect everyone out there,” the internet star and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate added.

In line with the Critical Illness Coverage, the AIA Critical Protect 100 also offers the option for riders, which are insurance policy provisions, to give increased coverage for gender-specific cancers such as ovarian or prostate cancer, financial benefits during the recovery period and plan protection for their dependents.

“As brand ambassadors of Philam Life, Solenn and I have become more aware of the importance of insurance and protecting ourselves from illnesses or untoward events in the future. Investing and saving for the future is important, but we’ve come to understand that protection is the most basic need that we have to address first,” Bolzico shared.

Powered by the Philam Vitality program, not only will the customers of the newest product be protected from certain illnesses, they can also live a longer, better and healthier life through the Philam Vitality Active, an app-based supplementary benefit that motivates customers to know better and improve their health through rewards and incentives. As Philam gives the newest upgrade in its program through the AIA Critical Protect 100, consumers are assured of being one step ahead for a protected life.